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LEVERAGE on TNT 5X07 “The Real Fake Car Job” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/02/2012

TNT Leverage Fake car job recapLEVERAGE on TNT 5X07 “The Real Fake Car Job” Recap

Leverage fans were treated to a quadruple threat tonight on TNT. The Real Fake Car Job drops bits of world history, Vintage Cars, and insight into the future plans of the Leverage team. Adding to the show is the incomparable Matthew Lillard of “Scream” and “Scooby Doo” fame. The pairing of Parker and Hardison is always a treat, but tonight we also got to see the rare duo of Eliot Spencer and Sophie Devereaux.

Amidst the seasonal filming tweets from Christian Kane was a fun Leverage behind the scenes video from Beth Riesgraf. That’s 12 seconds you’ll want to watch more than once. He also posted photo of Matthew Lillard below with bandages on his head, a sure sign that the guest star did his own stunts.

The Leverage fans were out in full force on Twitter, as usual, trying to get an answer from TNT about the much awaited renewal for Season six. The ratings for this episode are hoped to cinch the deal.

Will TNT’s Leverage Be Picked Up For A Sixth Season?

The Real Fake Car job opens with a Golf Course scene. Christian Kane fans may take note that he plays every chance he gets! While Matthew Lillard’s character is lining up his shot aMatthew Lillard TNT Leverage The Real Fake Car Job Recap groundskeeper shows up on a golf cart, shouting that he is owed money. Unfortunately for him a woman approaches and tells him that it’s a case of mistaken identity. That isn’t Gabe Erickson, it’s Jim Cole.

The client goes to Nate and tells his story. Gabe Erickson had promised to take care of his family’s hard earned money and had stolen it.

Upon investigation the team realizes that Gabe Erickson has traded mob knowledge for immunity. However, although the charges against him claim he stole 130 million dollars, 50 million is missing. Recon proves that he now works in a book store, a far cry from his former career. Since he has been recognized, witness protection plans to move him. It’s important they work quickly.

While Hardison hacks Erickson’s DVR, Parker steals his garbage and they ultimately figure out his love for antique cars. To reel him in they plan a vintage car show. They plan to sell him “the Golden Fleece of Antique cars,” Benito Musselini’s missing Packard!

Enter Parker, claiming to have inherited her Grandfather’s old car, which she doesn’t have a clue about. When Erickson comes up with easy cash, Nate sends Hardison in to bid on the car, forcing him to reveal his hidden accounts. Although Hardison is good, he still is unable to gain access. The next thing you know Sophie and Eliot are fleeing the police as Nate is taken hostage by Erickson’s Federal Marshall. Little did the team know that money had been promised to the officer. She is paranoid and thinks Erickson hired hit men to kill her.

While they are working out their differences Nate talks to the team via his ear bud, already planning his escape with their help.

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 When Hardison and Parker enter the warehouse they find the mob has also shown up looking for Erickson! Eliot is trying to shake the cops while the mob gets the drop on Erickson and he disarms the Marshall to defend himself.

Parker uses the ensuing gun fight as a diversion to set Nate free and he dumps the “Orange Soda” he requested via com to make bio-fuel ffrom vegetable oil. Another lesson in history, Diesel engines were invented for the stuff to save farmers money, who knew?

Eliot clears the south entrance with the use of fists and elbows as Erickson tries to negotiate with the mob for his life. Tim is actually driving at Matthew Lillard when he exits the warehouse in the Packard.

Nate negotiates with the mob boss for the 50 million in the Cayman Islands so that he can distribute it to the people harmed by the scam artist. He also negotiates for Erickson’s life, so that he can stand trial and serve his time in prison.

The show ends with Nate confessing to Sophie that he doesn’t want a future that doesn’t include her.

 To enjoy the production blog for The Real Fake Car Job you can follow the link below.

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