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Leverage Season 5 Finale Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

Leverage ScoopLeverage: Scoop on Episode 5×10 “The ” from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich


Here’s some scoop on Leverage from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 9/7/12.



Leverage | The TNT drama’s double-episode summer finale arrives Sept. 16, and the second hour leaves the heavy lifting to Hardison, Parker and Eliot. “It’s a really great episode because you get to see the three kids go off to play without ‘mommy and daddy’ for a minute,” Aldis Hodge told me. “You get to see us truly in our element, and for the first time see what our team looks like when we’re on our own.” As directed by exec producer Dean Devlin and involving a biological threat to D.C., Hodge says the finale features “cool new shots” and a “different style,” all adding up to offer “a different version of what Leverage can be…. I think it will be one of the best episodes we’ve had.”



Leverage Returns to TNT, with Episode 5×08 ‘The White Rabbit Job.’ Look for it on Sunday September 9, 2012 on TNT.


‘The Rundown Job” will premiere  two weeks later on Sunday September 23, 2012 at 9pm on TNT.


In The next episode, ‘The White Rabbit Job’ the team sets out to stop a business man from breaking his company and the small town that is supported by it. The White Rabbit is considered the hardest grifter move in history! I’m excited already.


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