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Leverage Star Christian Kane May Have A New Cooking Show

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/23/2012

Christian Kane Cooking For New Cooking ShowLeverage’s  “The French Connection Job”: A New Opportunity to Leverage Star Christian Kane

Written by Faye Constantino

“The French Connection Job” gave Christian Kane yet another opportunity to showcase his talent with a knife and in the kitchen as a chef. While Christian was cooking in that kitchen, however, the fans were taking Twitter by storm and converging in chat rooms on Get Glue! The usual renewal from TNT has not been forthcoming and fans are not thinking “No news is Good news” in this case. Not because they have any word from TNT, but from the cast.

Cryptic Tweets from @ChristianKane01 on Twitter have had fans buzzing on fan pages for weeks. It all started with a tweet:

“We wanna go another season but this time it really is up to y’all. I love u for doing this and from all of us thank you so much!!!!”

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Then each Sunday another reminder to fans asking us to watch like this one:


Hope u guys watch #Leverage Sunday on TNT. trained very hard 4 Hockey Ep. Came out a month early to practice. It would mean the world 2 me!!

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On August 11th we got this tweet:

“Other news coming tomorrow before leverage airs. I’ll tweet:))”


Of course everyone hoped it would be news that LEVERAGE got picked up for Season 6! Fans talked about it, but then came this cryptic message after the usual reminder to tune in:

“And will lead perfectly into my news/question tonight before East Coast airing.”


Fans gathered on Twitter to find out what he meant, wondering if he was going to do a Google Hangout as Aldis had the week before. Of course that hadn’t been announced yet. Finally the tweet came in.

“Ok… I’m gonna do a cooking show. Online. Was wondering if u guys would watch. I would love 2 get my recipes to you guys & do what I love.”

Fans answered and Christian Kane continued to read their tweets and give them more information. The final tweet regarding the Online cooking show was this one :


“U guys are the greatest. It’s on then. I’ll tell you the details after Monday. That’s when it all goes down. I’m gonna have fun. Love you!!!”


As if to let everyone know he was supporting their online promotional efforts, the star ended the mini tweet-a-thon with a shout out that included the hash tag fans had been using for weeks : #RenewLeverageTNT


Now an interesting picture has cropped up on Facebook that has fans buzzing even more!

The caption to the picture above was this:


As many of you know, Christian is working on a cooking show for the web. This isn’t that show. But… it IS a preview of some of what you might see…


For the rest of the information fans are now told to wait and “Stay Tuned” So stay tuned to TV Film News for the next update.


For more about Christian Kane and his Music and now Cooking career you can find him on Facebook at

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