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Leverage Team Thanks Fans for People’s Choice Award

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/20/2013

Leverage Thanks Fans for Peoples Choice AwardLeverage Team Thanks Fans for People’s Choice Award



For those of you who don’t know, Leverage had a huge impact on fans from all over the world. No matter what we were doing, or what we were going through, we knew we could count on Leverage to get us through. During the five seasons of the show, fans connected with each other and made friends all over the world. There were conventions on two continents and I personally know people who sacrificed many comforts to save up for those trips. One friend of mine actually moved to Portland and literally changed her life and her career because of the show. The Leverage team made her ask herself why she wasn’t following her dream. Life is too short to live the life someone else wants you to live.


I changed too; my daughter thought I was having a break down or going through hormonal changes. The reality is that I have never felt more sane than I did when I made decisions based on the fact that no one is going to fight for you, if you don’t fight for yourself. Each week, the Leverage crew would fight for the underdog against the big corporations. We all would have loved to find a team that could fight for us, but we knew it was only a show and started thinking “What would Parker do?” as Gina/Sophie said in The First David Job.


Leverage was cancelled just before Christmas of 2012, and the cancellation arrived at the same time as TNT’s gift to Gina Bellman, according to her article on TV Fandoms. The fans were disheartened but knew they had to do something. The question of What would Hardison do? was asked along with a host of others. When the fans noticed that Leverage was nominated against some heavy hitters for a People’s Choice Award, the decision was made “Lets go steal a PCA!” and that is just what they did. Every day, on Facebook and Twitter, fans would vote and ask their friends to vote. When we all tuned in to watch, we were devastated. The award category didn’t even get mentioned on TV! We wanted to watch our team go up on stage and collect the award… And thank the fans and TNT for five seasons. Now, the Leverage Team has given us something infinitely better than that: a very personal thank you from Leverage HQ and the cast as well as the creative team, to the fans. Another bonus, as Dean Devlin let us know, is that Leverage is also up for four Saturn Awards; wish we could vote on those!


Thank you Leverage! and Thank you Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, Chris Downey, John Rogers, and Dean Devlin for giving us a family, friends and a fighting spirit that won’t back down. Let’s Go Steal a Network!


Leverage Team Thanks Fans for People’s Choice Award:


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