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Lifetime A Nanny’s Revenge Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/20/2012

Lifetime A Nanny's Revenge Recap and ReviewLifetime A Nanny’s Revenge Recap and Review



A Nanny’s Revenge Premiered tonight on Lifetime and it starred a very intense Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. In this Lifetime movie she played Gina Meyers, a young woman who discovers that both of her parents were killed and the wealthy contractor Parker Randall is to blame. Naturally Gina Meyers wants revenge and what better way to get on the inside then get a job as a live in nanny for Preston Randall’s troubled step son.


A Nanny’s Revenge Recap and Review


Lifetime A Nanny's Revenge Recap and Review


A Nanny’s Revenge starts off in the calm confines of an elementary school. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe’s character Gina is a defiant school teacher who shows she has a problem with authority. She quite her job in the first scene and tells her school teacher friend whom she lives with that because she’s not sure she can pay for rent in the near future, she will be staying with her parents in the time being.


That night she has dinner with her family and we can see Gina and her great relationship with her parents and especially her down to earth hardworking father. Gina even jokingly asks him for a new job as an electrician, which he rolls his eyes at before saying he wouldn’t want his daughter working with the dirtbags who already work for him. Gina smiles and tells her dad that she, “Prefers white collar men anyway.”


Her parents are close too. Her mother and father are still in love after all these years. They’re one big happy family and Gina who is going through a divorce is an honest woman who stands on moral principle. In fact after dinner we find out that Gina Quit her job because a handsome teacher who Gina admired was forced out of the school unjustly, and Gina couldn’t stay at a school that would do such a thing.


In the next scene, we find Gina’s father Mr. Di Salvo at work at a huge construction site. While doing his job he walks up on a young man who is connecting electric wiring. He asks the young man, Ryan if he checked the electric current. He says, “Are you sure that wire’s not hot?” A second later, the young man is electrocuted. The spark throws the young man off the building four stories up and as Mr. Di Salvo reaches out to save him, he plunges off the building with the youth man.


When Gina and her mother are notified while looking through the want ads, they immediately head to the hospital where Mr. Di Salvo has been taken.


In the next scene we meet the contractor, Parker Randall played by Michael Woods, who owns the building that Mr. Di Salvo was injured on. He’s a slick and shrewd business man who demands excellence and plays politics. When told that the permits for one of his projects may be late, Parker Randall says, “Then we need to provide more pressure, or go over the zoning commissions head.’ Moments later Parker Randall is told about the accident and he retreats to his office for the details.


Meanwhile, Gina and her mother are racing to the hospital where Mr. Di Salvo is undergoing surgery. In a panic, Gina’s mother misses a red light and the car is blind sided. Gina’s mother is killed in the accident.  Director Curtis Crawford cinematically cuts back and forth as both parents pass away within minutes of each other.



When Gina awaked in the hospital after the car accident she discovers that she’s been in an accident. She is confused however and upon remembering what happened, Gina becomes frantic with emotion. She asks about her mother first and the silence of her best friend is all the confirmation she needs. Her mother is dead. Teary eyed and on the edge of shock, she quickly turns her attention to her father, asking if he knows that her mother and his wife is dead. Then she’s told her father is also dead.  She is devastated. Her family is gone. Gina is all alone. Her life has changed forever.


Back at the construction site we learn Parker Randall is bracing for the blow back. The safety inspector is called down to the site and warned that he needs to get everything in order if this goes to court. The cover -up seems to be in motion and its made clear to the safety inspector that if the paper work isn’t made out to keep Parker Randall off the hook, there will be hell to pay. The safety inspector buckles to the pressure and tells Parker Randall that to avoid a lawsuit or a stop in construction, Parker needs to make it clear that the death of Mr. Di Salvo  was “Operator Error,” when in fact, Parker Randall purposely bought cheap wiring to cut a larger profit.


Gina is released from the hospital a few days later, and even though her husband and her are split, he’s been reading the papers about the accident. One article in particular strikes him as odd. Parker Randall has gone public saying Gina’s father was under the influence on the job site. Gina is infuriated, but then we see a flashback that reveals Gina’s father used to be an alcoholic. Gina wakes from the dream and finds her fathers five year sobriety chip. This convinces her that her father couldn’t have been drunks. She asks the young man who fell with his father, but lived, if he was indeed drunks. The young man says that’s a ridiculous lie and calls Gina’s father a hero and lets her in on the shoddy wiring.  This information prompts Gina to do some digging.


She seeks some the advice from her fathers best friend who also worked for Mr. Randal once upon a time. He tells her not to fight the fight, citing his connection to organized crime. He further explains that the last man who tried to sue Randall, was found dead in his car from suicide. He adds, “Parker Randall is untouchable.” For Gina however, this fight is a matter of principle. She’s ready for anything.


Gina begins to have dreams about killing Parker Randall. This tells her that she needs him to admit to his fault before she can move on. She continues to research Parker Randall online, set on revenge.


We meet Parker Randalls stepson next. He’s a little brat, bordering on uncontrollable. Gina observes this while spying on Parkers wife and child. She is amused by Parker’s stepson and see’s her way in.


The young man, Ryan who was hurt in the accident then files a lawsuit. When Parker Randall is told about this, he gives clear orders: Apply pressure, and take care of it.


Gina finally quits stalking Brynn Randall, Parkers wife played by Victoria Pratt. She makes contact by sitting next to her at a nail salon. The two strike up a conversation about her difficult kid and Gina suggests home schooling. After offering more advice, Ms. Randall asks her if she would be willing to take the job. It was brilliant manipulation by Gina.


A few days later, she’s in the house. Jackson, the boy is manipulated too. Upon over hearing Jackson likes to draw, Gina shows up at the house for the first day armed with children’s drawings. She immediately has Jackson’s attention. For the first time in the film he’s calm, and upon seeing this is hired by Ms. Randall.


as it turns out Jackson and Gina have something in common. They both hate Parker Randall. We also learn that Jackson’s father died under shady circumstances while working for Parker. It becomes apparent that Parker may have killed Jackson’s father in order to get Jackson’s beautiful mother all to himself.


While staying with the family we find out Parker is an all around dirt bag. He’s also cheating on his wife, Jackson’s mother with his new big breasted blond secretary. When he comes home, his wife is upset and get this, he asks her to take a trip to Aruba! This dude is shady as hell.


The next day when Mr. Randall finds out that the young man who was in the accident turns down a two million dollar settlement, Randall replies with, “Then we know what has to happen. We don’t go to court.” Gina ease drops on this conversation while sneaking around Parkers mansion.


Later that day, Parkers Lawyer goes to the hospital and pays off the pathologist who administers the toxicology report and sure enough, the report is doctored and an implies that Gina’s father was in his words, ‘Drunk as a skunk.” While Parker tells his wife this, Gina is standing by and has to bit her tongue at the lie.


At this point for Parker, one legal problems down, and one to go. That same night, Parker’s right hand man and henchmen, pays the young injured man a visit at his home with black gloves. He’s then pushed down the stairs and its made to look like an accident.


When Gina realizes what’s going on she races to the young mans house, only to find the corner’s truck parked out front. He’s dead and Gina realizes this guy Parker is no joke.


When Gina moves into the Parker house preeminently, Parker Randall greets her with a, “You look like one of my Exes, very attractive.’ At this point its hard to tell if his feeling her out based on suspicion, or planning on feeling her up based on his lust. Gina wonders as well, and plays the lust angle right back at him. She purposely  drops her necklace behind a desk and ask Parker if he will help her find it. He comes up to her room and the seduction is on. Before she is done, they have plans together. When Parker’s wife takes Jackson to see her parents, they will have an evening alone together. This is Gina’s big opportunity. She even plans a gun in Parker room for later use.


Meanwhile, her friends and Ex-Husband have been completely left out of the loop. She told them that she’s been staying at her parents cabin, but the lie is catching up with her and her friends call bullshit and begin to worry. This part of the story is lame. We spend ten minutes watching the friend and ex-husband drive up to the cabin to look for her and they come up empty.


Back to the real drama. The secretary who is in a relationship with Parker, finds out that Parkers wife is out of town. When she approaches him with this information, and thinks they will be spending the weekend together, he quickly turns her down and says he will be with his wife. Well, the secretary knows this is bullshit and to get back at his, she calls Parker’s wife. Then Parker’s wife also realizes what is going on. She rightly assumes Gina and Parker must be spending the weekend together. Not knowing that Gina out for revenge, she races home hell bent on her own revenge. The tension is building.


Meanwhile, Gina’s friend and ex-husband go back to Gina’s house and find her computer with all this information about Parker Randall. They know what she is up to now and find out where Parker lives. They race to his house hoping to stop Gina from making the biggest mistake of her life, killing Parker Randall.



As the wife, ex-husband, and friend all race to Parker’s house, Gina puts the moves on Parker. As she lays him down for some sex, she reaches for the hidden gun, but can’t find it. Then Parker pulls the gun on Gina and says, “Looking for this.” She tries to talk Parker down, but he is planning on killing her, right after he rapes her — this guys is a piece of work.


Just before he can rape her though, Brynn Parker shows up and walks in on them.  She picks up the gun. When Parker turns around, his wife is pointing the gun at him. Without hesitation, she pulls the trigger and shots Parker dead in the chest.


Right when you thinks its over, and Gina is safe, Ms. Parker turns the gun on Gina and says, ‘I’m not going down for this, because you killed him.” Gina is as shocked as I am when she her’s this. Then, quickly, Gina knocks the gun out of Brynn Randall’s hand and the struggle for the gun. Shots are fired as Gina’s ex and her friend drive up on the house. They hear the shots and call the police. Gina runs down the stairs with Brynn hot on her tail.  She fires the gun a few times, but gina manages to slip away into the huge darkness of the house. While hiding Brynn says, ‘I can’t let you get away with this Gina. I have worked to hard and put up with to much crap to let you take this all away from me now.”


Gina finds a bat and hide behind a wall, when Brynn walks by she is hit in the stomach with the bat and Gina disarms her as the police smash through the door. Brynn blames Gina, but Gina has one more trick up her sleeve, she recorded everything that happened and gets off.


All in all A Nanny’s Revenge had high points and very low points. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe was solid and displayed some serious emotion. She never got out the tears, but her emotional response to her parents death was touching.


Victoria Pratt was really good too, until she turned into the psycho. Her dramatic acting is suspect and the same could be said about Michael Woods who plays Parker Randall. A Nanny’s Revenge is entertaining though, in a lifetime movie sort of way. I can’t say I will ever watch A Nanny’s Revenge again. As a matter of fact, I defiantly won’t but it’s not the worst Saturday night I’ve ever had. Check it out if you get the chance. A Nanny’s Revenge should be replayed on Lifetime all week.


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