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Lifetime Movie ‘Talhotblond’ Directed by Courteney Cox

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/20/2012

talhotblondThe world premiere of ‘Talhotblond,’ directed by Courteney Cox, will premiere on Lifetime TV on June 23rd, 8/7C. ‘Talhotblond’ is the true story of a young, attractive vixen that lures men into her internet world. The movie is based on a real life murder involving fantasy, deceit, and cyberspace lies.


Talhotblond’ is based on the true story of Thomas Montgomery, a machine worker in Upstate New York. To outsiders, Thomas Montgomery seemed like the perfect family man taking his girls to swim lessons and his dog Shadow for walks each day. He had a beautiful wife by the name of Cindy for 16 years.

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In addition to playing poker with his friends, Thomas Montgomery also enjoyed playing Texas Hold ‘Em on Being 45 years old and a former Marine, some theorize that Thomas Montgomery may have been going through a mid-life crisis of sorts. He decided to take on the identity of an 18-year old boy named Tommy. Soon he met a 17 year-old girl named ‘TalHotBlondbig50’ from West Virginia (a.k.a. Jessi) on

The creators of Lifetime TV’s ‘Talhotblond’ obtained exclusive access to the real Internet messages, secret notes and letters, police files, and prison interviews in creating this movie. In some interesting handwritten notes, Thomas Montgomery wrote out all of the plans for his secret online identity. On one note you can see the words, “handsome, 2.5 million in the bank, 9 inch penis and best lover, smart, strong, best fighter.” He used these notes (written on his company’s stationery) to plan out his later identity of 18-year old Tommy.

Tommy’s alter identity also included some hard times and tough luck, including contemplating suicide while abroad in talhotblondIraq. ‘Talhotblond’ (Jessi) really fed into these lies and had a lot of sympathy for “Tommy.”

Tommy started to become very jealous of Jessi, and worried that she was sending her photo off to other men. To apologize, Jessi sent Tommy a g-string and a silver heart charm. In the package she also sent a letter with the signature of “T & J” with a heart at the bottom.

Jessi and Tommy continued to talk to one another daily during prescribed times, as Tommy led her to believe that these were times that he was on break from his Marine duty. Tommy even proposed marriage to Jessi and she accepted. Tommy sent her Marine tags with the inscription: “TOM & JESSI ALWAYS & FOREVER.”

In February 2006, Cindy, Thomas’s wife, started to discover some of Jessi’s mementos. As she learned the truth about him, Cindy wrote, “”What I cannot believe is that you are living out some bizarre fantasy — as father and son . . . If you want to separate — We can… but to continue to lie to me & the kids while she is sending ‘your son’ gifts in the mail is not acceptable.” Thomas was not only playing the part of Tommy, but also the part of Tom, Sr. (Tommy’s pretend father).

Cindy discovered the contact information for Jessi (after finding her G-strings) and soon wrote to her. Cindy asked her, “”From what I am pulling from your letters you are much closer to [my daughter's] age than mine let alone Tom’s. Are you over the age of 18? In this alone, he can be prosecuted as a child predator.”

talhotblondSoon a young man by the name of Brian Barrett entered the picture, and he also worked at the same factory that Thomas Montgomery worked at. Jessi knew Brian as a friend of Tommy’s on and decided to ask Brian the truth about “Tommy.” Brian informed Jessi that Thomas was in fact lying about his identity. Jessi found solace in Brian after discovering the deceit, and Thomas was soon called a “child predator” by Jessi and Brian.

Thomas became outraged and decided to murder his coworker, Brian Barrett, after work one day. He simply punched out of work and used his .30-caliber carbine rifle to gun Brian down in the parking lot.

The real “twist” in this Lifetime TV movie is that ‘talhotblond’ was not really 17 years old! talhotblond was actually a 45-year old, married, mother of two with short brown hair. She was doing the same thing that Thomas Montgomery was doing; lying about her age!

‘Talhotblond’ was the winner of the 2009 Seattle Film Festival Best Documentary and 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival Best Documentary. View ‘Talhotblond’ on Lifetime TV on June 23rd, 8/7C. Don’t miss Courteney Cox in her big directorial debut.

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“Talhotblond” is produced by Motion Picture Corporation of America in association with Silver Screen Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Television.  It is executive produced by Brad Krevoy (Emmy and Golden Globe-winning “Taking Chance”) Alexandre Coscas and Francisco Gonzalez and is directed by Courteney Cox. Trent Haaga (“Damage Control”) wrote the screenplay which is based on the documentary “talhotblond” by Barbara Schroeder.

 Preview of Lifetime TV’s ’talhotblond’:


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