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Lifetime To Premiere “Teenage Bank Heist” November 9

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/01/2012

Teenage Bank Heist Lifetime MovieLifetime to Premiere “Teenage Bank Heist” on Nov. 9
Maeve Quinlin, Abbie Cobb, Rosa Blasi and Cassi Thomson co-star in the project.


Maeve Quinlin, Abbie Cobb, Rosa Blasi and Cassi Thomson star in the world premiere of Teenage Bank Heist, Friday, November 9, 2012 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.


Teenage Bank Heist Film Synopsis:
18-year-old Cassie (ABBIE COBB) works as a teller alongside her mother Joyce (MAEVE QUINLAN) at a quiet San Diego bank. Their lives are changed forever when masked bandits storm the bank, steal a million dollars, and kidnap Cassie.

Cassie soon discovers that the bandits are three girls from her high school — Abbie (CASSI THOMSON), Grace (DAVIDA WILLIAMS), and Marie (AUGIE DUKE). At first Cassie is angry at being betrayed by her friends, but she has a change of heart when she discovers that their real motivation for stealing the money is to ransom Abbie’s father, who has been kidnapped by gangsters in Mexico.

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Meanwhile, Joyce confers with FBI Agent Mendoza (ROSA BLASI) as they try to identify the bank robbers. But Joyce soon realizes that Mendoza suspects Cassie of being the “insider,” and that the Feds are more interested in arresting her than rescuing her. Determined to prove them wrong, Joyce sets out on a one-woman mission to save her daughter.

After being double-crossed by Marie and her lowlife boyfriend Nick (JAMES FERRIS), Cassie joins forces with Abbie to deliver the ransom money to the kidnappers at the Mexican border. As the teens move toward a dangerous showdown, Joyce is hot on their trail, followed by Mendoza. Soon, Cassie, Abbie, Joyce, and Mendoza all find themselves face to face with the highly armed kidnappers… and now everyone’s life hangs in the balance…

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Teenage Bank Heist Trailer – Lifetime TV

About The Cast of Lifetime TV Movie “Teenage Bank Heist”:

Genre: Thriller
Cast: Maeve Quinlan, Abbie Cobb, Cassi Thomson, Augie Duke, Davida Williams, James Ferris and Rosa Blasi
Casting: Jeff Hardwick
Music: Steve Gurevitch & Michael James Burns
Editing: Bob Joyce
Production Designer: Rae Deslich
Director of Photography: Robert Ballo, Akis Konstantakopoulos
Executive Producer: Timothy O. Johnson
Screenplay by: Nathan Perkins, Doug Campbell and Ken Sanders
Produced by: Ken Sanders, Robert Ballo
Director: Doug Campbell


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