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Lifetime TV Drew Peterson Untouchable

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/17/2012

Rob Lowe Drew PetersonLifetime TV Movie “Drew Peterson Untouchable” brought much acclaim to the acting skills of Rob Lowe. Lifetime TV is airing the film on July 21, 2012 prior to the premiere of “An Officer and a Murderer.”

“I’m Untouchable, B*tch!” became a frequently quoted line from the film following its January 2012 premiere.

If you missed the original airing of “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” on Lifetime TV in January 2012, you will be able to tune in to Lifetime TV this Saturday, July 21st to see Rob Lowe’s incredible performance as Drew Peterson.

Drew Peterson: Untouchable” follows the story of Bolingbrook, IL police sergeant who is accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio. At the time of Kathleen’s death in 2004, the police ruled her death an accidental drowning in the bathtub. When Drew’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, went missing, police reopened the case of Kathleen Savio. To date, Drew’s fourth wife, Stacy, has not been found.

Drew is facing trial later this month, but since the trial revolves around Kathleen Savio only, it may be difficult to find jury members who do not have knowledge of the Stacy Peterson missing person case.

When the “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” movie first aired in January 2012, Drew Peterson himself watched the movie. Drew’s lawyer told the Chicago tribune that Drew that it was hilarious. “He chuckled at all of the inaccuracies and things that never happened.” The Lifetime TV Movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable” has made it even more difficult to find a neutral jury.

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Jury selection in the Drew Peterson case is set to begin on July 23, 2012 with opening statements penciled to begin on July 30th, 2012. The trial was delayed for over two years because prosecutors and attorneys could not agree over the admissibility of the key murder Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco Drew Peterson Untouchable“weapon” (the bathtub). Recently it was ruled by the judge that the bathtub could not be used in the case (it had been removed from the home in 2008 as a key piece of evidence).

In the film “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” Rob Lowe plays the gregarious Drew Peterson, and Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) plays his much younger, fourth wife Stacy Peterson.

There is a rather memorable scene in the movie in which Rob Lowe (as Drew Peterson) states, “I’m Untouchable, B*tch.” His amazing performance and powerful movie line immediately trended on Twitter following the premiere of the film. Both Drew Peterson and #Untouchable were trending words of the day.

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In response to the film, many celebrities spoke out about Rob Lowe’s performance as Drew Peterson. Here are what celebrity viewers had to say about “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”:

@kathygriffin – I’m gonna b quoting the Drew Peterson movie staring Rob Lowe on Lifetime A LOT! “Just put dat in da man cave”

@piersmorgan – Congrats to @RobLowe on #Untouchable – you made a brilliantly convincing ageing, pot-bellied, grey-haired, sinister alleged wife-killer.

@stevedahlshow (Legendary Chicago media icon) – I’m sorry, but Rob Lowe is an AWESOME Drew Peterson! #untouchable

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And, here are some of the most memorable quotes from Drew Peterson: Untouchable

• “I’m untouchable, bitch.”

• “Job is the word, now put blow in front of it.”

• “You were gettin’ too much good lovin’ from Big Daddy.” (Yes, he calls himself “Big Daddy.”)

• “If they get with me they’ll get lucky … As long as they’re hot.”

• “The true colors of a nasty bitch show themselves eventually.”

• “Used to be a man could keep his wife pregnant and in the house.”

And, finally, “Look at Stacy. She’s like a flower. You know, In bloom and putting her scent out everywhere. Don’t tell me that you can’t smell her.”

If you missed the original airing of the film, tune in July 21, 2012 to catch Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco in action. 6/5 Central – Lifetime TV

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And following Drew Peterson Untouchable stay tuned for “An Officer and a Murderer” PREMIERE to follow on Saturday, July 21st at 8/7 Central on Lifetime TV.

 Drew Peterson Untouchable on Lifetime TV:

Interesting Fact/Movie Goof -

Drew’s son Justin is shown wearing a Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls jersey following the death of his mother in 2004; Rose was not drafted by the Bulls until May 2008.


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