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Lifetime TV Movie Taken Back: Finding Haley Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/11/2012

Taken Back Finding Haley Emma Photo Movie ReviewLifetime TV Movie Taken Back: Finding Haley Review

Taken Back: Finding Haley is based on a true story of child abduction. The movie starts off with a carousel scene and the abduction of 3 year old Haley. Moira Kelly (One Tree Hill, The West Wing) plays the role of Karen Turner, Haley’s mother.

The film quickly jumps two years later and shows an emotional Karen Turner having a nightmare next to a bedside table filled with various prescription medications. Karen goes into Haley’s bedroom which hasn’t changed a bit since her disappearance. Karen is obsessed with finding her daughter (what parent wouldn’t be?) and is continually on the hunt to find Haley.

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We learn that Karen Turner and her husband are getting a divorce. Karen questions why he seems to have just moved on so quickly since the disappearance of their daughter.

Karen’s emotions start to really get the best of her, and she overdoses on prescription pills, but survives the ordeal.

Karen visits her old friend, Megan Harper (played by Nicole Oliver), and Karen states, “I miss her so much, I just want to hold her again.” Her emotional breakdown at Megan’s house is a very moving flow of emotions.

We fast forward ten additional years, and Karen Turner is now a school photographer. Kacey Rohl plays the role of Emma, a girl that Karen Turner believes bears an exceptional resemblance to Haley.

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The film then focuses on the home life of Emma, and her parents Susan (played by Amanda Tapping) and Dave (played by David Cubitt). Susan is very controlling and strict with Emma, while Dave displays a more authoritative parenting style.

Megan Harper, Karen’s friend, looks up Karen Turner’s criminal history and learns that she has been arrested numerous times for harassing children and is considered a high risk individual.

Emma needs a baby photo for her school yearbook, and goes into her mother, Susan’s room to grab one. Emma e-mails her “baby” photo out, and Susan shows up at school to discipline Emma for distributing her baby photo on the internet.

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The suspense level is high, and we learn that Susan and Dave lost a child at some point in their lives. Viewers are left to question whether or not they abducted Emma to replace their dead child. Dave tells Susan that she needs to “loosen” up on Emma, or they will drive her away.

We are left wondering if Susan is tough on her daughter, Emma, because she lost one child and is afraid of losing another, or if Susan is strict with Emma so that the “child abduction” secret is not revealed. Susan and Dave seem awfully suspicious, however, particularly Susan.

Karen Turner starts following Susan and Emma around, and spying on them from her car. Susan notices a car that she doesn’t recognize outside of their home.

It has been 12 years since the abduction of Haley, and Haley’s room still appears exactly the same as the day she went missing.

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Karen takes her obsession even further and starts photographing Susan at the grave of her deceased child. She also enters their home to go into Emma’s bedroom and look around.

Karen then follows Emma home and throws her into the trunk of her car. Susan is worried about her daughter not returning home, she grabs a gun, and goes out to look for Emma.

Meanwhile Megan Harper checks the fingerprints on Emma’s coke can to see if they match those of Haley Turner. “Taken Back: Finding Haley” is a real nail biter! I don’t want to ruin the ending below, so only check out the spoiler section below if you want to find out how “Taken Back: Finding Haley” ends.

Roma Roth, Executive Producer of “Taken Back: Finding Haley” was correct when she stated the following about Moira Kelly, “She’s just a blessing for this film. She has brought all of us to tears at some point in the filming.”

Scroll Down To Bottom of Article for Taken Back: Finding Haley SPOILERS!

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“Taken Back: Finding Haley” SPOILERS BELOW:


Susan shoots Megan Harper.


Karen tells Emma that she is her child, and describes what her childhood was like.


Susan lost her child from accidental drowning in the bathroom.


Karen and Emma watch home videos together.


Emma calls Susan and asks, “Who’s Haley Turner?” Susan drops the phone in shock.


Turns out their real daughter died and they put her in an unmarked grave. Susan came home with a little girl and Dave said, “it seemed so perfect.”


Susan breaks in and has a confrontation with Karen.

Emma starts remembering her childhood memories.


Susan points the gun at police when they arrive.

Susan is arrested and tells Emma, “don’t forget I’m your mother.”








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