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Lifetime TV Movie Taken Back: Finding Haley

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/08/2012

Taken Back Finding Haley Lifetime TV Movie Moira KellyLifetime TV Movie Taken Back: Finding Haley

Lifetime TV’s “Taken Back: Finding Haley,” a film based on the true story of a child abduction, airs on Lifetime TV Saturday, August 11 at 8 p.m. The film follows the true story of a mother, Karen Turner, who has become obsessed with looking for her abducted daughter, Haley.

Haley Turner was abducted at the age of 3, and for the next 12 years Karen Turner does absolutely nothing but look for her daughter. Karen Turner gives up her career, relationships, and family in the hunt for her long lost daughter. She even becomes a school photographer in order to browse through the children that would be Haley’s age.

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Moira Kelly (Karen Turner), best known for her role of Karen Roe on One Tree Hill, states, “If anything happened to either one of my children, I would not be able to do anything else but find out what happened to them.”Amanda Tapping Lifetime TV Movie Taken Back: Finding Haley

Amanda Tapping, best known for her roles on Stargate and Sanctuary, plays the role of Susan. Karen Turner suspects that Susan is the true abductor of her long lost daughter, Haley. Karen Turner goes so far as to kidnap Susan’s daughter, Emma. Amanda Tapping states, “Losing a child without a trace, and never knowing what happened to that child. . . I think I would be very much like the character of Karen where I would never stop looking.”

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Moira Kelly appears to be the perfect actress for Karen Turner in “Taken Back: Finding Haley.” Roma Roth, Executive Producer of “Taken Back: Finding Haley” talks highly of Moira Kelly, explaining, “She’s just a blessing for this film. She has brought all of us to tears at some point in the filming.” Mark Jean, Director of “Taken Back: Finding Haley,” states, “Moira is like a gift to a director. She takes direction, and is just a team player.”

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When Karen Turner (played by Moira Kelly) believes that she has found her daughter and the abductors (Susan and Dave), she decides to take matters into her own hands. Karen kidnaps their daughter, Emma, believing that she is her daughter, Haley. Karen Turner ends up getting a 30 Day Psychiatric Hold for her behavior, and is considered a high child risk alert. You will have to tune in to Lifetime TVs “Taken Back: Finding Haley” on August 11th to find out if Karen Turner found the true abductors of long lost Haley, or if she has just lost her mind.

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Trailer – Lifetime TV Movie Taken Back: Finding Haley

Cast and Crew of Lifetime TVs “Taken Back: Finding Haley”

Moira Kelly – Karen Turner

Amanda Tapping – Susan

Kacey Rohl – Emma

David Cubbit – Dave

Keith MacKechnie – Detective Scott

Director – Mark Jean









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