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Lifetime’s A Mother’s Nightmare Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/29/2012

A Mother's Nightmare Lifetime MovieA Mother’s Nightmare: A Lifetime Movie Based On True Events

A Mother’s Nightmare provides a chilling look at mental illness, drug usage, manipulation, and suicide. The story was written by Shelley Gillen, and is loosely based on true events that occurred in her own life with her youngest son. Some of the events in this movie have been elaborated, while some are very accurate.

It doesn’t take long for “A Mother’s Nightmare” to turn extremely creepy and twisted. The movie, “A Mother’s Keeper” starts with the introductions of Vanessa Redman (Jessica Lowndes, 90210), Chris Stewart (Grant Gustin, Glee), and Maddie Stewart (Annabeth Gish, Pretty Little Liars). We learn that Vanessa Redman is a ward of the state, and she found her mother’s dead body when she was only six. She is now living in a new placement, and has started at a new high school.

Vanessa meets Chris Stewart and they instantly hit things off. Chris is less than popular, and is amazed that the gorgeous Vanessa is really into him. Things start to get creepy when Vanessa shows up randomly at Chris’ door when he never even gave Vanessa his address. One day as they are cuddling up on the couch Vanessa takes out a razor blade and decides to cut up both of their thumbs so they can share blood together. Vanessa sings a lullaby that she said her mother would sing to her as a little girl. She starts rubbing their blood together as she sings the song. Vanessa also gives Chris a ring that she says belonged to her father (later we will find out the truth about who this ring really belonged to)

Lifetime Movie Liz & Dick

Vanessa introduces Chris to drugs. He comes home sick and vomiting. Chris’ mother is starting to get worried about Vanessa and her odd behaviors.

Chris’ father learns the background on Vanessa. We learn that Vanessa’s mother, Sonia, was a dancer and suffered from Delusional Disorder (a person who has beliefs that aren’t generally accepted as reality). Vanessa’s father walked out on them when he couldn’t handle things with Vanessa’s mom. Sonia ended up committing suicide and Vanessa found her body when she was just six. We also learn that Vanessa shares some similarities with her mother. Vanessa has a death obsession, is convinced that she can communicate with her mother, and is a compulsive liar.

We also learn that one of Vanessa’s past boyfriends committed suicide after dating her for only six months.

Chris informs Vanessa that his parents are not happy about things, and she gives Vanessa her father’s ring back.

Vanessa decides to hook up with the popular, bad boy, “Jake” to get back at Chris.

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Vanessa calls Chris to tell him that she wants to kill herself.  Vanessa starts to freak out inside the pet care center where she is working. She starts to hear voices, visualize bloody knives, and see poisonous snakes.

Chris rushes over to help Vanessa. Vanessa lies to him and makes it seem that Jake attacked her in the park (when, in reality, she willingly had sex with Jake.)

Vanessa puts some sort of drugs in Chris’ coffee. Chris never returns home that night and his mom starts to get very worried. Chris is sweating, laughing, and having convulsions. Vanessa makes a sick and twisted video of Chris drugged up. She makes Chris kiss her and manipulates the video to make it look like he is attacking her.

Chris’ mother shows up at the Groom N Board. His mother drags him away and takes him home.

Chris Stewart gets called in by investigators for questioning. Vanessa has accused him of raping her, and the tests have proved positive for Chris’ semen. The detectives advise Chris and his mother to get lawyers. They also tell Chris not to talk about any of it at school.

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The next day at school Vanessa has a huge crowd of students around her, and she is telling them her fake sob story. Meanwhile, Chris is losing his friends as they are not allowed to talk to him anymore.

Chris starts to get harassing phone calls and death threats. He has to sit alone at lunch and is the pariah of the school.

Vanessa calls Chris and ends up convincing him that he did rape her. Since Chris was under the influence of drugs, he questions whether or not he really did rape Vanessa. Chris’ mother tells him that she knows him and he is not, “capable of such violence.”

Chris goes for a walk to clear his head and gets attacked by about four boys dressed in black. His mother arrives at the emergency room to check on Chris. Luckily he is going to be ok.

The detectives contact Chris’ mother and let her know that the semen test results. Chris was not the only person that Vanessa had sexual intercourse with.

Chris continues to communicate with Vanessa and starts wearing her father’s ring again.A Mother's Nightmare Lifetime Movie Based On True Events

Chris’ mother visits Vanessa’s social worker and gets the contact information for Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend’s mom.

The ex-boyfriend’s mom states that her son got into PCP and ended up killing himself.

Vanessa takes Chris for a picnic and sneaks some drugs into the soda. She tells him that he has to cut himself with a razor to prove his love for her. Chris starts to cut his wrist and arm as Vanessa videotapes it. Things start to get extremely bloody, but Chris is under the influence of the PCP so has no idea what is going on.

Vanessa takes of his ring as Chris’ mother arrives. Vanessa tries to attack Chris’ mom. His mother tries to stop the bleeding as Vanessa tries to push her away. Chris’ mother starts to choke Vanessa.

The paramedics arrive and can’t find a pulse. They have a defibrillator and are able to bring him back to life. We fast forward and find out that Vanessa is in a psychiatric hospital. Chris is doing well, and things are going well with him and his mother.

This is one very action packed film. Although the story seemed somewhat far fletched, there were many stories within it that happen every single day. Mental illness, suicide, drug usage, false accusations occur every day. The film also illuminated the fact that it can be hard for some people to leave dangerous and unhealthy relationships.
“A Mother’s Nightmare” was written by Shelley Gillen, and is loosely based on a true story that occurred between her and her youngest son. Some of the sections of the story are enhanced, but there are also numerous parts that were exactly the same as how they happened.

A Mother’s Nightmare:

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Based loosely on a true story

Catch encore airings of “A Mother’s Nightmare” on Sunday September 30th at 12 a.m. and Sunday September 30th at 9 p.m.







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