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Lifetime’s The Eleventh Victim Review and Synopsis

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/03/2012

The Eleventh Victim Jennie GarthThe Eleventh Victim

World Premiere on Lifetime Television October 3, 2012

Review and Recap

The beginning of The Eleventh Victim (a film based on the same name New York Times bestselling book by Nancy Grace) begins with the juxtaposition of William Shakespeare’s Ophelia and a brutal rape scene. We jump to a court scene in which Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills 90210) plays the role of Hailey Dean, the Assistant District Attorney. We learn that the serial killer recreated the infamous Ophelia death scene that was featured in the artwork of Sir John Everett Millais.

The serial killer, Clinton Burrell Cruise (played by Colin Cunningham of Falling Skies), physically attacks Hailey Dean in court after being convicted in court of first degree murder. We then flash forward to a going away party for Hailey Dean’s colleague, Garlan Fincher “Finch” (“Ron Artest” Los Angeles Lakers forward, a.k.a. Metta World Peace). Nancy Grace makes a cameo appearance at Garlan’s going away party.jennie garth the eleventh Victim

We learn that Attorney Hailey Dean is still having a rough time after being physically attacked in court. Finch discovers Hailey taking some prescription pills and becomes concerned about her recovery. Hailey states that she wants to start helping people before they are killed. As an attorney she only helps them after the fact.

Hailey decides to go back in practicing therapy and announces that she will have an office in Manhattan. We flash forward to New York City – 2 years later. As Hailey arrives to work one morning she realizes that her office door has been opened. She realizes that her receptionist is there, and decides there is nothing to worry about.

We witness a therapy session between Dr. Hailey Dean and her first patient, an artist named Celia. She informs the client that she is doing therapy because it is what she loves and what she does best. Dr. Dean continues to take her prescription medications.

Finch pops up on Hailey’s computer. She talks with Finch, who is overseas with the military, about Cruise’s attack on her. They discuss how Hailey will have closure next month over the Cruise attack.

Clinton Burrell Cruise is an artist, and is seen sketching photos of females within his cell. Cruise has a wicked smirk on his face. After an appeal, we learn that Cruise will not be put to death, instead he is being freed. Cruise is shocked that there is no media watching him upon his release.His attorney states that there are a lot of people that want to see him dead. His attorney tells him that he can’t leave the state.

About The Cast of Lifetime’s The Eleventh Victim

Clinton Burrell Cruise’s first stop is to go visit Hailey Dean in Manhattan. He has been clipping articles out of the newspaper about her, and knows exactly how to find her.

Clinton Burrell Cruise travels to New York via bus, and meets an attractive Jennie Garth looking woman at a bus stop. He tells her that she is perfect. She tells Cruise to keep going. In his mind he is visualizing choking her.

Clinton arrives in a warehouse and with a creepy look on his face says that it is “perfect.” We are not sure what he means just yet. Perhaps he thinks it’s a good place to store dead bodies.

Dr. Hailey Dean and a male friend go out for a jog while Clinton Burrell Cruise looks on.

jennie garth The Eleventh VictimDr. Hailey Dean advised one her clients, Melissa, to apologize to her sister. We see Melissa apologizing and then calling Dr. D. to let her know. As she is leaving a voicemail for Dr. D. the client is attacked and murdered. Clinton takes photos of the client in a recreated scene from the Gustave Courbet’s The Hammock.

The next morning Hailey discovers that her office was broken into and trashed. A couple of detectives show up at the office, and ask to talk with her alone. The detectives inform Dr. D. that one of her clients was found dead in the park. Hailey listens to her voicemail and hears her client’s scream at the end.

Dr. Dean realizes that her appointment book and her client’s records are missing. The detectives ask if she has any back up of her notes, and she states that she just has personal notes at home.

Meanwhile we see Clinton Burrell Cruise pouring buckets of blood on a makeshift stage of sorts that he has set up in the warehouse. He gets down in the blood and starts rolling around in it, and smearing it all over the stage. Although this scene seems to be extremely realistic, it seems to be all in Dr. Dean’s head.

Dr. Hailey Dean accuses the detectives of suspecting her in Melissa’s murder. The detective apologizes to her, but explains that he is just doing his job.

Dr. Dean visits her artist client to inform her about what has been happening. Her client states that the detectives have already talked to her, and her client breaks down crying.

Once again Clinton Burrell Cruise is stalking Dr. Hailey Dean on the sidewalks of Manhattan and sketches a photo of her walking down the sidewalk.

Dr. Hailey Dean flashes back to when her fiancé or boyfriend was shot years ago while she was still in college. She was studying psychology at the time, but the murder prompted her to go into law. Will, her fiancé, was murdered just weeks before their wedding date.

Meanwhile the artistic client of Hailey’s is attacked by Clinton. Clinton poses her in a sick fashion to create some more artistic photography. With this client he recreates the famous painting ‘Flaming June’ painted by Sir Frederic Leighton in 1895.

Detectives interrupt Hailey while she is on a dinner date and notify her that another one of her clients was killed. They question Hailey about what happened and end up arresting her.

During questioning they report that a string was tied around each of the victim’s ring fingers. The detective informs Hailey that these two cases resembled the cases of Clinton Burrell Cruise. Hailey advises the detectives to look into the whereabouts of Cruise. The detectives state that he is still on death row in Atlanta.

The detectives go on to question Hailey Dean about her mental instability and her use of prescription pills. She informs them that they don’t have any concrete evidence that links her to the crimes, and suggest that they let her go. They inform Hailey that a one of her pens was found in her clients hand at the time of her death.

The detectives officially charge Hailey Dean with the murders of her two clients. Hailey gets one phone call and she decides to give Finch a call and reaches his voicemail.

Clinton pretends to be a flower delivery man, and delivers flowers to Hailey suite. Clinton goes into Hailey’s apartment and roams around. He drinks out of her orange juice and starts smelling her comforter.

The detectives discover that Cruise was released four days ago, so they allow Hailey Dean to go free. The detective states that the city of New York is officially sorry for arresting her. Hailey states that she lost her pen (given to her by her fiancé) during the trial. She believes that Clinton picked up the pen and is now using it to show that he is coming after her.

Clinton Burrell Cruise is busy in his warehouse painting while Hailey is across town going over the files from his case. Each murder results in him recreating a historical piece of artwork. Hailey goes through the photos of all of the victims while popping a prescription pill.

Hailey’s receptionist, Dana (played by Jill Morrison), informs Hailey that she is going on a date with “Kevin.” Dana is ecstatic about meeting him, and tells Hailey that Kevin is an artist. Dana shows Hailey the photo, and Hailey realizes that Kevin, Dana’s date for the evening, is really Clinton Burrell Cruise. Hailey tells Dana to go to the police station immediately, but soon realizes that Dana has been murdered. Clinton then grabs Hailey and chokes her.

Clinton brings Hailey Dean back to his warehouse to show her his artwork. Clinton has set up an elaborate stage and plans to make Hailey his newest victim. Hailey is able to escape, but soon realizes the warehouse doors are locked.

Clinton is crazed and goes into a monologue about giving each of his victims eternal beauty. He states that society will never forget them and they will never grow old.

Clinton Burrell Cruise is arrested, and the detectives give Hailey a more sincere apology. Before Clinton passed out he said, “we gave them immortality.” Hailey questions Cruise’s attorney about why he always uses “we.” Hailey suspects that Cruise had an accomplice or partner in crime. Hailey also states that Clinton could not have escaped court with her pen. Hailey suspects that Clinton’s attorney is also “in” on the murders.  We discover that Clinton’s attorney is also a serial killer, and he threatens to make Hailey his eleventh victim.

Clinton Burrell Cruises’ attorney takes out his gun, but luckily Finch shows up and shoots Clinton’s attorney. Finch also heard the entire confession.

Clinton Burrell Cruise is in the hospital, but he wakes up, kills a doctor, and escapes. An APB is put out for Clinton Burrell Cruise.


Perhaps there will be a Part two for “The Eleventh Victim.”


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