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Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback, Lifetime’s Liz and Dick‏

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/26/2012

Liz & Dick Lifetime MovieLindsay Lohan’s Comeback, Lifetime’s Liz and Dick‏

Tonight was the big night! Lifetime finally aired the much awaited made for tv movie, Liz and Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan, and Grant Bowler. This was also Lindsay Lohan’s comeback film. So, how was the turn out?

By the looks of Twitter, very good! Lohan and Lifetime were sending live tweets during the showing. Lohan was not as active as Lifetime was with the tweets, but she was there and answered a few fans’ questions.



The movie was great, Lohan was stunning, and Bowler brought his Australian accent. (Oh, and talent too, of course!) The movie flashed back and forth from the main plot to an interview style segment with Liz and Dick, portrayed by Lohan and Bowler. The many details of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burtons’ love affair were seducing and audience-winning. It was clear that there was an instant attraction between the two from the start. The movie unfolded as the two began filming Cleopatra. After initially and wittingly bumping heads the two found their physical chemistry on set and their passion for eachother unraveled. Their love blossomed and they grew closer, and ultimately ruined both of the stars’ marriages.Liz & Dick Movie Lindsay Lohan Review

The Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick, had almost a documentary feel to it as it followed Taylor and Burtons’ lives, showing their love as well as their hardships. It portrayed to its’ audience the anguish that each dealt with as the press got ahold of their relationship. This is where the paparazzi got its start. Liz and Dick were followed constantly with no room for privacy. They were protested against by many for their “sinful” nature of not being married but, “shagging” as Taylor was quoted saying. Their personal lives were delved into, and it became clear that financially they lived out of their means. We all know of Elizabeth Taylors love for gems and jewels, and Richard Burton was inclined to surprising her with trinkets and gifts. As Taylor was quoted saying, “It’s all about the jewels. Men just don’t realize it until it’s too late and we have them all.”

Elizabeth Taylor was THE woman of her time, she was stunning, beautiful, and poised. Lohan did an amazing job at portraying Taylor in just that way! Lindsay Lohan while sending out live tweets said this about Elizabeth Taylor, “Beauty. Strength. Passion. Poise. Intelligence. She stood for all of it and did a great job!”


This part was perfect for Lindsay Lohan, especially as her comeback film. Like Elizabeth Taylor, Lindsay Lohan, was also a child star who fell into trouble with alcohol and judgement from the public eye. Taylor was highly judged by the public, but she continued to stand tall, continued to love herself, and just kept being her. She disregarded the press and did not let their hate change her. She overcame and will always be remembered as a Star. Lohan has the power and talent to do the same, and after tonights airing of, Liz and Dick, I believe she will do just that!


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