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Lionsgate is postponing the reboot of the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/11/2012

Dirty DancingLionsgate is postponing the reboot of the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing.


Two years ago. Kenny Ortega, who was a choreographer on the original Dirty Dancing, was attached to direct the film, a screenwriter was hired and finally it was scheduled for a July 2013 release. But no cast has been announced. Turns out casting roles as iconic as Patrick Swayze’s and Jennifer Grey’s isn’t as easy as expected. If it’s still to come out, it won’t be until 2014 at the earliest. The production team is having a hard time putting together the logistics of the proposed reboot.


One interesting fact is Glee’s Lea Michele, Trespass’ Liana Liberato and Canadian singer Nikki Yanofsky were screen tested as were Brothers & Sisters’ Luke Grime, Nashville Star’s Justin Gaston and Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough. All of those actors are interesting choices, but with the delay, you can’t count on any of them getting the roles they tested for. In 2014, they will all be two years older. Stay tune for more information.




Dirty Dancing


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