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Little Monsters: The Documentary by Katherine Brooks

Written by   // 10/19/2012

Lady Gaga Little Monsters Movie by Katherine BrooksLITTLE MONSTERS: The Documentary by Katherine Brooks

A groupie is a person who follows a band or musician on the road. Groupies have negative stigma behind them as they are often associated with people who make themselves readily available to have sexual encounters with members of the band. A roadie is a person who sets up and tears down sets and equipment for a band or musician. A band aid is described as an attractive person who is invited by a band or musician to travel on the road with them. A band aid is provided food and transportation typically in exchange for sex. For as long as musicians have made music, people have clung to them. Different bands and musicians warrant different groups of followers who feel connected to either a band in its entirety or a specific person. Music is universal, and I think every single person in this world feels connected or passionate about at least one musical influence.

Through the years the subcultures of followers have evolved and the classic “groupie” image has faded. Not to say there aren’t still folks who abide by the groupie or roadie or band aid code, but I think we can all agree that when you hear the word groupie, you think of people from the sixties and seventies and we are living in a whole new era. The biggest addition to the modern day groupie culture is technology. Now a days, some groupies are not just after the lifestyle or the chance of meeting their inspirations, they want to plaster their business online, putting musicians on blast. Some bands have taken this negative and tried to flip it into a positive, after all, the message that a musician conveys is often why a person started following them in the first place.

There are many names for modern day followers, and not all of them are groupies, people are dropping the negative stereotypes and creating their own bubbles to live and dream in. Justin Bieber fans are Beliebers, Claymates were rooting for Clay Aiken on Idol, Avril Lavigne fans are Black Stars, Katy Cats probably listen to Katy Perry, Grobanites are Josh Groban fans, Swifties enjoy them some Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne followers are Wayniacs, a Juggalo is part of the ICP family, The Victims are loyal to The Killers, and even going a little old school, Fanilows jam to Barry Manilow. One other wildly popular group of followers are known as Little Monsters, and their music royalty is Lady Gaga. I’m sure within these group there are those who’s mission is to sleep with these people, but as a whole, there is much more substance to their passion. Keeping it old school, I see that more and more of it has become about the music, which was a lost token in the past. We may not do it like they did in the seventies, but my generation is doing it with pride and purpose, just like those before us.Kat Brooks Lady gaga Little Monsters Documentary

Many a movie, a documentary, or book could be made about Lady Gaga, but this time, a director is turning the camera onto her fans, the Little Monsters. Why do they feel so connected to Lady Gaga? What has she done for them as individuals? What message is she passing on through her fans? What is it about Lady Gaga that makes people latch onto her? And what is a “Little Monster?” Director Katherine Brooks is going to explore these questions while delving into the Monster world. The perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with Little Monsters is whilst their Mother Monster (as Lady Gaga is known by her fans) is on her current tour, The Born This Way Ball.

Fans can never get enough of their favorite act and this project is aiming to get as much feedback and collaboration from fans world wide as possible. From art work to simple messages to Lady Gaga, Brooks and her team want as many people involved as possible. The film is about the fans, and the best way to showcase that while in production is to let the fans have a paw or two in the Kool-Aid, and Brooks and team are accepting art and memorabilia donations.

With a film such as this, the vision will morph and contort to match the surroundings, after all Brooks will be traveling to not only different cities to experience The Born This Way Ball, but has already been to different countries. A director’s ability to adapt to their
circumstance while maintaining true to their artistic integrity is something that is often not taken into consideration. Flexibility to
explore options while refraining from becoming a tyrant to suggestion is the downfall many directors face. I think in a film that is
inspired by one of the most creative forces of the day must be portrayed with the same creative freedoms or the purpose will derive
from the core.

It is no secret that there are some people out there who are not fans of Lady Gaga for one reason or many. But the beauty of a project like this is that you don’t have to be. There is no specific target audience which equals a very broadened landscape for viewing. A lot of people don’t understand Little Monsters and perhaps a glimpse into their world would provide some explanation. It may not result in fandom but it’s a learning experience. Bottom line, you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate an endeavor such as this.

Through social media, Lady Gaga has broken many barriers, and to come full circle, this has allowed the fans to congregate in ways never imagined. The fan base is large and empowered. They are groupies in the sense that they want to be intimate with Lady Gaga, not necessarily in a sexual manner. They are roadies in the sense that they would do anything for Gaga and her craft. And they are band aids in the sense that they feel attractive and would love to be invited to travel the world with Gaga. The exploration opportunities are endless and I think this project is a commodity to both Gaga and her fans, because the fans helped propel her to the top, and once she got there, she let them thrive and in a sense share her spotlight.

If you would like to donate any art pieces or memorabilia, you can contact You can follow the progress and tales from production via the films Twitter handle which is @LilMonsterMovie, or it’s Facebook page at And the official website can be found at


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