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Liz Reviews Her Top 5 Funniest Movies

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/06/2012

moviesLiz Reviews her top 5 funniest movies of all time. Each one is funny in its own unique way.

I enjoy viewing many different genres of movies, but I can never seem to get enough of comedies. I do realize that my sense of humor is slightly different from some people, and you may not agree on all the movies I have chosen but this is my list of my five favorite comedies. I also must note that these are in no particular order. I could never pick an order because I love them all for different reasons. Please comment with your top five comedy movies below.



5. Young Frankenstein- Gene Wilder is the most hilarious Dr. Frankenstein I have ever seen. Very rarely does a week go by that I do not think about Peter Boyle and his rendition of Puttin on the Ritz. The puns are so great. An amazing comedic look at the work of Dr. Frankenstein and one of my all time favorite movies.



4. Super Troopers- The one liners in this movie just crack me up. The verbal innuendos are painfully hilarious. The shenanigans that this group of cops get into are something that only Broken Lizard could come up with. It always made me wonder if real cops are like this and then I think.. no of course not. No one can have that much fun at work.




3. I Love You Man- Jason Segel and Paul Rudd take the term bromance to a whole new level in this. If you are a fan of either you will love this. Paul Rudd’s character is so awkward when it comes to dealing with other guys that it is almost uncomfortable to watch at times. Jason Segel is adorable as the friend to Rudd.





2. Tommy Boy- What is there not to like about this movie with the late Chris Farley? This was him at his best. Physical comedy was what he was great at and in the first few minutes of the movie he delivers. This movie is just the hilarious. On a road trip to save your deceased fathers company he gets into the most hilarious situations one can think of.




1. Napoleon Dynamite- This movie is well, not for everyone. I have friends that only watch it with me because I laugh so hard at certain things. I think the one part that cracks me up the most is LaFawnduh from Detroit. Being from Michigan 35 miles north of Detroit it just cracks me up to no end. There is just so much in this movie that is very dry yet utterly fantastic in the best sort of way.



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