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Longmire 2×06 and 2×07 Synopsis

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/15/2013

Longmire, Robert Taylor

Longmire 2×06 and 2×07 Synopsis


Enjoy the latest synopses for upcoming episodes of A&E’s Longmire 2×06 Tell It Slant and 2×07 Sound Fury starring Robert Taylor.




Longmire 2×06 and 2×07 Synopsis

Episode 2.06 – Tell It Slant 
A strange-acting Cheyenne leaves backward clues about the murder of a supposed psychic; Walt (Robert Taylor) deals with a public debate against Branch (Bailey Chase).

Episode 2.07 – Sound and Fury 
Walt (Robert Taylor) and the team work to prevent a murder when Henry overhears an unhappy husband trying to order a hit on his wife; a former cop from Philadelphia arrives in Durant.

Longmire returns to A&E on Monday June 17th, 2013 with episode “The Road to Hell” at 10/9c.


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