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Lost Girl 3.03 Staff Of Righteousness Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/23/2013

Lost Girl 3.03Lost Girl 3.03 Staff Of Righteousness Spoilers




The Staff of Righteousness can cause a lot of trouble in the wrong hands! Here’s the scoop on the upcoming episode of Lost Girl from David Silbert of TV Rage, posted January 20th, 2013.



In Lost Girl 3.03, ConFaegion, the Morrigan’s minions are after Bo, but Hale has a solution:


Hale tells Bo that someone has grabbed his “Staff of Righteousness”. Turns out, the staff is a “treasured ceremonial relic and very powerful”. Hale says the staff is currently known to be in the possession of a pawn broker named Mortimer Fassbinder who is a “sleazebag”.

Hale wants Bo to get him the staff, so he could use the staff to place a security detail around her house, thus keeping Morrigan’s guys away.

One of Morrigan’s minions arrives searching for Bo. {Kenzi, Lauren and Vex} are finding it difficult to stop the minion and in desperation Kenzi picks up the staff lying on a nearby table. The staff immediately begins growing in size on its own and begins beating up the minion, without Kenzi having to do anything. It ultimately sends the minion flying through the air. Lauren checks on the minion lying senseless on the ground and discovers he is dead. Lauren wants to see the staff, but Kenzi figures out its stuck to her hand. “The wood is melded to your flesh!” Lauren tells Kenzi while trying to get the staff out of her hand.



Lost Girl 3×03 ConFaegion airs on Syfy, Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 10:/9: Central.


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