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Love & Honor Trailer Starring Liam Hemsworth

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/31/2012

Liam Hemsworth Love & Honor Trailer Liam Hemsworth impresses in this, the first trailer from “Love & Honor.”


I’ve never heard of this film Love & Honor before, and now I know why. It was titled AWOL, but they changed the name — I think after Liam Hemsworth became a heartthrob in The Hunger Games and you know what? I down blame Lightning Entertainment. Throw love into the title and teenage girls pay more attention.


You have to work with what you have in the film business, and Love & Honor has Liam Hemsworth, a budding star on the rise. Never forget, it is a business. Lightning Entertainment might not have even bought Love & Honor  at Cannes Film Market, if it wasn’t for Liam Hemsworth and The Hunger Games. I don’t know the details, but I’m actually surprised, a bigger film company didn’t take a chance on this Love & Honor. As Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist aptly points out, this is the type of film that made Channing Tatum a star.


Lets face it, Liam Hemsworth is cut from the same mold. Tall, white, square jawed, young, and handsome. Danny Mooney the director and the writers Jim Burnstein and Garret Schiff couldn’t have found someone better for the role. The timing is impeccable. If Love & Honor  is marketed right, it could do $40 million plus at the Box Office. That for a film that obviously cost less than $10 million dollars to make. Don’t be surprised if this film is bought into by a bigger USA distributor and sold as a love story.


Love & Honor  also stars Friday Night Light cutie Aimee Teegarden and the very beautiful Teresa Palmer. It doesn’t have a release date yet, apparently Lightning Entertainment owns the international rights. I think this trailer was sent out as a feeler. To gauge peoples interest. I really think it will eventaully be bought — but again, just a guess.



The film, based on a true story of a Michigan soldier, takes place during the Vietnam War and is set in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. The story follows a soldier who, when he gets dumped by his girlfriend, decides to return home secretly from war with his best friend to win her back.



Love & Honor Trailer Starring Liam Hemsworth




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