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‘Machete Kills’ Charlie Sheen as President & Other News

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/22/2012

Machete KillsSomehow, someway, Robert Rodriguez gets A-list celebrities to fly down to Austin, Texas and star in his throwback action films. He’s worked with Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Salma Hayek, Cheech, Clive Owen, Tarantino, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, just to name a few.


Honestly, his films aren’t even that good. They are hooky and full of plot holes and blood. There is entertainment in that though, even though it doesn’t always show up in his Box Office returns. “Machete” wasn’t a runaway success at the box-office ($44m worldwide), critically it was met with cautiously optimistic reviews, it didn’t cost all that much, and it seems that was enough for Robert Rodriguez to plough ahead with a sequel.


Machete Kills” is expected to see Trejo’s Machete being recruited by the U.S. government to battle his way across Mexico to take down an arms dealer who is looking to launch a weapon into space.


Mel Gibson has been signed on to play a “Bond-style villain” since April, and now Charlie Sheen has signed on to play one of the apparent good guys — specifically, the president of the United States. Also starring in the film is Jessica Alba, Demián BichirMichelle RodriguezAmber Heard, Sofia Vergara, and of course, Danny Trejo, The Machete Killer himself.




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