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‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ Movie Review

Written by   // 07/10/2012

Madagascar‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ Movie Review by CineMarvellous!

“Entertaining, tremendously adventurous, briskly paced and heartfelt”

Brief review: While certainly a slight improvement over its average predecessor “Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa”, Dreamwork’s second sequel to 2005′s crowd-pleaser has its flaws and lacks the punch that made the favorite original film so memorable. As disappointing as it may sound, “Europe’s Most Wanted” contains very few good laughs, and it’s not nearly as funny as its promising trailers suggested it to be. The script is well-written and moderately clever, but let’s be honest – a couple of witty lines and clever jokes do not make a smart movie. On the other hand, the story is entertaining, tremendously adventurous, briskly paced and heartfelt, so there’s zero boredom. The newly introduced characters are just as likable and adorable as our favorite animated Madagascarprotagonists, and the villain, Captain Chantel DuBois, lifts the movie to another level. At least visually, “Madagascar 3″ hardly disappoints. While the execution is far from being super-slick and on-par with the best Dreamwork / Pixar animated features, the CG animation itself is bright, vivid and colorful, and with enough details and stunning CGI backdrops to leave a huge impression on the viewers. The breathtaking ‘flying circus’ sequence towards the end deserves a special mention, as it certainly has the ‘wow factor’. The use of 3D in this particular scene is remarkable, and overall the 3D effects in this animated romp add to the visual experience.

Overall summary: It’s entertaining, amusing, adventurous and at times delightfully witty, and the animation is crisp, but “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” is neither as smart nor as hilarious as it’s supposed to be, and in fact, it’s not particularly memorable nor very inventive.

CineMarvellous! ‘Madagascar 3′ Rating:  6 Stars out of 10


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