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‘Magic Mike 2′ In The Works

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/12/2012

Magic Mike 2Channing Tatum has confirmed that a ‘Magic Mike’ 2 is in the works. The plan is to further develop the plotline and make it “BIGGER!”

When Glamour UK asked Channing Tatum about the possibility of a ‘Magic Mike 2,’ he replied, ““Yes, yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.”

Many who saw the first ‘Magic Mike’ enjoyed the visual display, but really wanted to see a deeper plot line. Although there is no doubt that the choreography and the hot bodies were a big draw for ‘Magic Mike,’ many pointed out that the story line could have been more developed in the film.

To date ‘Magic Mike’ has grossed over $75 Million, so it is no surprise that a ‘Magic Mike 2’ would be in the realm of possibilities. ‘Magic Mike’ kept a small budget of $7 million, so this $75 Million has been almost pure profit for the team.

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‘Magic Mike’ has been such a success that there is a Broadway show of ‘Magic Mike’ in the works as well. The Broadway version of ‘Magic Mike’ is set to premiere next summer.

In ‘Magic Mike’ the film ended with Channing Tatum deciding to stay in Tampa while the rest of the crew went to Miami. More than likely ‘Magic Mike 2’ would focus on the bigger and better Miami club scene. Although the plot line of ‘Magic Mike 2’ would need to include a way for Channing Tatum to join the boys in Miami.

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‘Magic Mike’ Official Trailer:



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