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Major Downton Abbey Season 3 Scoops!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/11/2012

Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey: Scoop on season 3


Christina: Downton Abbey spoilers if you got them!

And we do! Elizabeth McGovern says the world of Downton Abbey will be dealing with “massive change” in the new season. “There is starting to be a lot more movement between classes and that is funny, heartbreaking, disturbing, and wonderful. You find out a lot more about the characters because you see how they react to a changing world,” she tells us. “The kids who are growing up of course in the ’20s, [when] everything started to be much more liberated. There were a lot more possibilities for those girls than had been at the start of the series. They’re now looking to maybe have careers. So, that is the sort of dramatic thrust of a lot of the stories in Season three.” We’re seriously considering moving to the U.K. just because the new season premiers earlier there. Too much?



Massive Downton Abbey changes!? I’m not sure one of the best shows in the ten years needs massive changes, but alright. I do like the idea of the classes mingling. They do live in different worlds, under the same roof. But that was life in The UK back in the 20′s.


Downton Abbey


One thing I do love though, is the changing world. The roaring 20′s! Remember when the characters of Downton Abbey were using the phone for the first time and they were all confused? That was hilarious. And who can forget Maggie Smith and the swivel chair? Classic!




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