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Malin Akerman Joins the Season 2 Cast of Suburgatory

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/24/2012

Malin AkermanSuburgatory: Casts Malin Akerman as Tessa’s Mother in Season 2


According to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, Malin Akerman has been cast as Tessa’s estranged mother, Alex. Here’s an excerpt the article, which gives some details on Akerman’s role:



Alex, who will appear in this season’s Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, is described as a beautiful, free-spirited singer/songwriter who’s never met her daughter. Her urge to form a relationship with Tessa has finally outweighed her fear and shame so she attempts to spend the holidays with her, hoping that the past won’t haunt either of them anymore.


“I’m a huge, nerdy fan [of Malin's] and this was an extensive search for the right actress to play such a pivotal role in our show,” raved series creator Emily Kapnek. “It turned out to be well worth the wait. She’s funny, gorgeous and incredibly charismatic, and I know her chemistry with Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy is going to be off the charts. Malin is a comedy writer’s dream, both beautiful and comedically fearless. I’m over the moon about her agreeing to play Alex.”



My thoughts: I’ve never even heard of Malin Akerman, so I can’t comment on Malin Akerman‘s acting, but I’m definitely excited to see what Tessa’s mother is like. I can’t remember what episode that it was, but in one episode George met with Tessa’s maternal grandmother who seems to have a lot of resentment towards him. Apparently George pursued getting sole custody of Tessa when she was a baby and got it. There’s obviously a reason why the court ruled in George’s favor since the court usually rules in the mother’s favor unless the mother isn’t shown to be a suitable parent, if I’m not mistaken. Even though Tessa didn’t appear to have any issues with her mother not being in her life last season, I’m sure that the return of her mother will bring up some emotions regarding her mother’s absence from her life. I really am excited about this news.


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