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Margarita Levieva Signs Deal to Return to Revenge Season 2

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/13/2012

Margarita LevievaAs expected Margarita Levieva who plays duel identities on ABC’s, ‘Revenge’ has signed on the dotted line and renewed her contract with the show. In the contract that closed the deal, Margarita Levieva will appear in a minimum of seven episodes of season two of Revenge.


Last season Margarita Levieva started out as a guest star, but ended up in a total of ten episodes. Again, this comes as no surprise, as she confessed to the world that she is pregnant with Jacks baby. Emily/Amanda is a con artist at heart though and I have my suspicions. If it really is Jacks baby, that will throw a wrench into Emily VanCamp and Jacks love story arch. Needless to say, I hope the babies not Jacks, and come to think of it, she may not be pregnant at all. Levieva’s character just has no where else to go, and a fake pregnancy is just the bate she needed to hook Jack and be welcomed back into his life.




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