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Matt Bomer Talks Magic Mike, White Collar & Glee

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/20/2012

Matt BomerEye on Emmy 2012: White Collar and Glee’s Matt Bomer


Here’s an interview that Matt Bomer did with TVLine’s Vlada Gelman. In the interview, Matt Bomer talks about his experience working on the movie Magic Mike, his experiences working on White Collar and his guest apearance on Glee. Here’s an excerpt from the original article where Bomer talks about the dynamic of his relationship with Tim DeKay:


TVLINE | You and Tim DeKay have some of the best chemistry on-screen and off. What’s your secret?


I compare it to two kids who just hit it off on the playground and they come over for a play date and you have to call them in five times for dinner because they don’t want to stop playing. Tim has an amazing sense of humor — he makes me laugh a lot — and he understands my sense of humor. From the first time we read together, I completely understood what he was bringing to the character of Peter Burke, and I think he understood what I was bringing to Neal. It was this yin-yang that felt really easy and not forced. For me, that was really important in terms of having a long-term dynamic.


Link to the full article: Eye on Emmy 2012: White Collar and Glee’s Matt Bomer 


My thoughts: I personally would love to see Matt Bomer win an Emmy for his work on White Collar and the show to win an Emmy itself, but Bomer did point out that shows on the USA network do tend to get overlooked by the Emmy voters. I think that’s a real shame, because the USA network has some really great TV shows on their network right now, especially White Collar and Suits. Just once I’d love to see the USA network get some love at the Emmys.


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