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Matty B Covers One Direction

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/17/2012

Matty B RapsMatty B Covers One Direction’s “One Thing” in his latest YouTube Video.

Matty B is a pre-teen sensation, amassing huge popularity around the world.

Many are calling child star Matty B the “New Justin Bieber.” With over 222 Million YouTube hits and adoring fans all over the world, 12 year old Matty B keeps cranking out the awesome YouTube videos. Matty B’s Youtube videos feature covers, originals, and parodies combined.

Matty B first became interested in hip hop music at the age of 5, and when his cousin, Mars, a 19 year old rapper moved in with him, he asked for help in writing rap songs. After he pestered Mars enough, they finally put together Matty B’s first YouTube Rap video “Eenie Meenie.” His very first YouTube video had 500,000 views in the first week.

His most recent music video is a cover of One Direction’s “One Thing.” The music video for “One Thing” is cute and clever. He gets pushed into the pool by a group of girls.

Matty B: Mini Justin Bieber In The Making?

Matty B talks about his new video ‘One Thing’, “I think 1D is rad & I enjoyed covering What Makes You Beautiful a couple months back, so I wanted to cover this new single too and make a video with some of my friends!  We went through two huge bottles of Sprite while filming b/c we kept drinking all of our Shirley Temples!  :)  We finally just made a huge pitcher for quick refills!  We had a really good time and hope you like this video too!  :)” Check out Matty B’s latest video “One Thing” below.

Matty B Sings One Direction’s “One Thing”:


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