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Matty B: Mini Justin Bieber In The Making?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/19/2012

Justin BieberMini Justin Bieber In The Making? 9 year old Matty B is being compared to Justin Bieber, and his songs are gaining a lot of attention across the country. To date, his Youtube music videos have had over 183 million views!



Ok, let’s face it, Justin Bieber is growing up! His voice is maturing, he has facial hair, and he is losing that baby voice of his. Don’t get me wrong, his music is still amazing, and he has a faithful following of fans. Justin Bieber’s newest album, Believe, premieres today, and has some great songs. Justin Bieber also has a Major Two Night Primetime Network and MTV special this week.


NBC Two Night Justin Bieber Special


But as Justin Bieber grows up, and we gain a new generation of music listeners, it is prudent to be grooming a replacement Justin Bieber. And there are a LOT of mini Justin Bieber wannabes, and a lot of them are pretty darn good. But there is one mini Justin Bieber that really stands out among the crowd. His name is Matty B and he is only 9 years old!

Matty B Covers One Direction


Justin BieberWhat makes Matty B stand out among the crowd? For starters he has that star quality and major “swag.” He is an adorable kid with that boy singer look. Matty B has been covering some major titles, including Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, and One Direction.


To gain a better understanding of just how much star quality Matty B has, let’s look at some of his statistics. At the young age of 9, he already has over 183 MILLION views on his YouTube channel. He has 293K likes on his Facebook, and the media is talking about Matty B. Oh, yeah, he also has a line of gear to sell, including T-shirts, back backs, and sweatshirts. He is also selling his music on iTunes now. To have all this at the age of 9 is pretty impressive. Imagine where he will be at 13 or 14…


What are your thoughts on this mini Justin Bieber?

Check out Matty B (a.k.a. Mini Justin Bieber) below:


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