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Melissa & Joey 2X14 Recap – From Russia With Love

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/23/2012

Melissa & Joey Season 2, Episode 14 RecapMelissa & Joey 2X14 Recap – From Russia With Love

Season 2, Episode 14 – From Russia With Love – Episode Synopsis: Joe’s Russian girlfriend visits him and causes tension in the household. Meanwhile, Ryder limits his diet to vending-machine food to comply with an experiment Lennox is doing.

Original Air Date – August 22, 2012




Joe’s Russian lover showed up last week to tell Joe she couldn’t be away from him. This week she announced that her company in Russia just went bankrupt/down under and if she returns then she will be arrested. Joe did not want to loose her so he told Mel he was going to propose and of course she said that was a bad idea.

Melissa and Joey From Russia With Love Recap Review

Mel realized that if he does propose she would “lose” Joe and she started feeling a little sad about that. As the audience we know there has been sexual tension between the co-stars since the show started but this is one of the first times that we get to see Mel have real emotion about it.

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While that’s happening with the adults, the teenagers are stirring up something of their own. Lennox is tired of school lunches and vending machines having unhealthy foods so she says she is going to conduct a study of what junk food can do to you. How else would she do this besides using her brother Ryder! Ryder had to eat only junk food and was getting sick of it (literally.). He kept trying to eat healthy food on the side but Lennox caught him every time, which was hilarious.

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I don’t want to give away everything but at the end of the episode Joe DID end up proposing which left everyone pretty shocked especially because he has only know his now fiancé for “3 episodes.”

Melissa and Joey Russia photos Season 2, Episode 14 Recap and Review

Mel’s face dropped when she heard the news and from what that tells us she may or may not tell Joe she has feelings for him next episode.

Melissa & Joey Season 2, Episode 14 Entire Episode

Check out the latest episode next week on ABC Family at 7pm, if you don’t have the chance, I’ll have the best recap for you right here at!

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