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Michael Clark Duncan Has Died At The Age of 54

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/03/2012

Michael Clark Duncan



Actor Michael Clark Duncan has died after a two month battle in the hospital following a heart attack in July. He was 54 years old. I wanted to say a quick word.


Michael Clark Duncan was one of a kind. There will not soon be another actor in the world with his massive build and charisma. He was 6’5 and weighed over 300 pounds. He cannot be replaced, because it wasn’t just the build that set him apart from other actors, he had a winning personality. He was a soft spoken man who was larger than life. He was always smiling and was just happy to be on the ride. He knew he was living his dream.


I remember an appearance of his on Jay Leno maybe 8 years back, and I remember smiling all the way through the segment. You see Michael Clark Duncan had a dream. One he wasn’t afraid to share with his friends. He would say, in so many words, ‘one day I’m going to make a movie with Bruce Willis.’ He would repeat, ‘I always wanted to work with Bruce Willis.’


Of course he was laughed at by those friends, but a few years after the proclamation he joined the cast of Armageddon. That film starred Bruce Willis, and he joyously remembered calling his old friends and telling them the fantastic prophesied news. Duncan remembers them being shocked, and Duncan said he was shocked as well, and at that moment he said he realized he was living his dream. He told the story much better then I and he made me believe dreams were possible.


Armageddon would be his first major film role and the films success would lead to his co-starring role opposite Tom Hanks in ‘The Green Mile,’ where Michael Clark Duncan would put on the performance of his life time. His performance as John Coffey would earn him an Academy Award nomination and earn him a place in film history. I’m so happy that he was able to live out his dream, and I’m so happy that his Green Mile Performance will live on forever. Michael Clark Duncan will never be forgotten.


Emotional Video Tribute For Michael Clark Duncan #rip Big Guy


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