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Miramax Releases New Behind The Scenes Pictures of Tarantino

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/26/2012

Miramax Releases 30 New Behind The Scenes Pictures of Quentin Tarantino on The Set of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill In the lead up to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, Miramax has decided to release a big batch of behind the scenes photo’s of Tarantino and his casts. The pictures are from Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Vol. 2.



Because  Quentin Tarantino can literally get any film he writes made, you know he will take advantage of this power and create something like you have never seen before. That’s why you should be looking forward to Django Unchained.


After all, all his films are grounded in originality. It’s what makes Tarantino great. Like Woody Allen or Wes Anderson, or Jonathan Demme, you can watch one scene and guess who the director is.  With Allen it’s the prose and natural intellectual dialogue, filled with comedic and tragic neurosis. Anderson’s films have that look of a picture book from childhood, and yet they feel so human. And Jonathan Demme has mastered the look-in-lens camera angle that made Hannibal Lector and Tom Hank’s Andrew Beckett so tangible. It’s like the characters in Demme’s films are talking directly at you.


With Tarentino, it’s the patience of his dialog. He is one of the few writer directors in history that can make a five minute conversation or three minute monologue the most exciting thing in his movie. It’s like the action is secondary in his films. That is a truly unique gift be possess. Hell, it’s why Christoph Waltz won the Oscar. His monologue at the dairy farm at the beginning of Inglourious Basterds was legendary, bone chilling and fantastic. Acting students from around the world  will memorize those lines for the rest of time. The tension he creates with simple dialogue is extraordinary.  No one can do that like Quentin Tarantino.


These pictures are great, and show us the real drama behind the drama. It’s interesting to see Tarantino saddled up to the actors, undoubtedly spewing out his priceless advice. Thank you Miramax.




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