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Modern Family Season 4 Extended Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

Modern Family Season 4 Extended PromoYay! The first extended promo from ABC’s ‘Modern Family!’



After stiff and costly contract negotiations, the cast won and got paid, and now everyone is happy and they’re back doing what we love best, producing episodes of Modern Family — the best sitcom in 10 years.


I know some people out there are using the old saying, they are getting enough money already. They make more money than I make a year. People cried foul and all of that garbage. But, let me ask you a question, can you make 13 million people laugh out loud every week? No. So shut your mouth.


The ratings have been out of sight and that’s why the cast asked for more money. The show is number one on ABC and it’s grown year to year.


Modern Family‘s first season averaged 9.39 million viewers. That was good for 36th place on television. Then in the second season of Modern Family, the show averaged 11.89 million viewers per episode and that was good for 24th place on television. Last season the show averaged 12.93 million viewers per episode and that was good for 15th place on all of television. Those are astounding number for a half hour sitcom on ABC.


They deserve every penny they get. I didn’t even mention they lead all sitcoms in DVD sales and are number one in live + 7 Days — This mean they have the most DVR’d show in America. So, lets all thank our lucky stars, Modern Family will be back on Wednesday September 26, 2012 at 9pm on ABC.


The Modern Family Extended Promo


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