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Monica Potter Talks Parenthood 4×02 ‘Left Field’ and Shares Season 4 Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/20/2012

Monica Potter Open ups About 4x02 'Left Field' and Shares Season 4 SpoilersParenthood: Interview with Monica Potter about episode 4×02 “Left Field” and shares spoilers on season 4



Here’s an interview that TVLine’s Megan Masters did with Monica Potter about Kristina’s storyline in season 4 of Parenthood. In the interview, Potter talks about what her reaction was when she found out what Kristina’s storyline was going to be for season 4. She also talks about how the other members of the Braverman family will react to the news that Kristina has cancer and how Kristina will deal with the chemotherapy. Here’s an excerpt from the article:



TVLINE | How did you feel when you heard that this would be Kristina’s arc this season? 

I actually was really supportive of it. I had talked to [exec producer/showrunner] Jason [Katims] about what we were going to do with Kristina this season and had sent him an email asking if we could introduce this storyline, and he said, “I just got chills because we just broke that story for Kristina.” I knew we hadn’t explored [cancer] yet [on Parenthood], and breast cancer is such a huge issue. I also know that Jason has been touched by it personally with his wife, and I thought that maybe we could explore that… And he was way ahead of me! So, it [felt] like we were supposed to do this.


TVLINE | Why did you want to do a cancer story? 

I had just gone for my first mammogram and I was nervous, but thought that it would be okay. Then [the doctors] saw something — I don’t have breast cancer, but I do have to go back so they can keep an eye on a little [growth] — and it’s scary. When that happened, I wanted to bring more awareness to it… It was very timely and it was meant to happen.


My thoughts: I have to say that I have extremely mixed feelings about this storyline. On the one hand, I think it’s great to see the writers of Parenthood tackle a subject that so many women have had to deal with, and having Parenthood do this storyline reminds a lot of Brothers & Sisters when it was in its first season and the show was at its best. For anyone who might not have watched Brothers & Sisters, I should mention that they actually did a cancer storyline in the show’s fourth season. I’ve always thought that the resolution to that storyline was handled rather poorly and that the resolution to the storyline was extremely contrived. Hopefully the writers of Parenthood will handle Kristina’s breast cancer storyline better than the writers of Brothers & Sisters handled Kitty’s cancer storyline.


I think it will be interesting to see how Adam and Max deal with Kristina having breast cancer. Although, I have to admit that I’ve always thought that Adam and Kristina were the two most annoying characters on the show, and Max has been extremely annoying and a major brat so far this season. At the risk of sounding insensitive to the subject of breast cancer, I have to say that I’m very worried that this storyline will make Adam, Kristina and Max even more unbearable to watch. I’ve always been rather annoyed by the fact that Kristina always seems to be crying in 99% of the scenes that Monica Potter is in, and I’m sure that Kristina will be crying even more now. I know that having cancer is an extremely scary and sad thing for people to go through, but the last thing this show needs is to have Kristina crying even more than she already does.


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