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First Clip from Hudgens, Gomez’s Spring Breakers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/29/2012

Moody First Clip From Spring Breakers

Moody first clip from Garmony Korine’s new film “Spring Breakers.”


Spring Breakers has been much, MUCH publicized. That will happen when you take a girl from a hit teen show (Ashley Benson), a sexy bad girl who used to date Zac Efron (Vanessa Hudgens), and the girlfriend of the world biggest pop star (Selena Gomez). Why do you think Harmony Korine cast them all in the first place?


Of course it had to be Vanessa Hudgens character in Spring Breakers shooting the fake gun at her friends, into her tummy and into the side of her head — who else in this cast would be the wildest?


Selena Gomez, and all these girls look to be trying to grow up here. In essence saying, ‘Enough with Disney, lets make a film where we get into some trouble. Lets be bad.’


Its almost like Selena Gomez is talking about her own, and the rest of the girls careers as she narrates the clip, “The same old shit.” Their character seem to want an adventure, a character shift and the actresses probably want the same.


In Hollywood, its best to transition early into adult roles, rather than wait and try to transition late. I think all these actresses have the right idea. Break-out of the teeny bopper roles and into real roles about real girls, who get board and do stupid things — not get bored and meet prince charming.


Spring Breakers also stars James Franco, Heather Morris, and Rachel Korine. The film was written and directed by Harmony Korine. Spring Breakers hits theaters on March 5th, next Spring in 2013.


The four girls Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Faith (Selena Gomez), Brit (Ashley Benson), and Cotty (Rachel Korine) are best friends since grade school. They live together in a college dorm and want to go on an adventure.

For spring break the four girls hit Florida to celebrate their vacation. But they get into a lot of trouble after they run out of money and decide to rob a restaurant. Therefore they land in jail, later Alien a drug and arms dealer (James Franco) bails them out and wants them to do some dirty work.



Second Clip From Spring Breakers

 First Spring Breakers Clip

FIRST PEEK: Spring Breakers from MUSE Film on Vimeo.




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