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Movie Cliques: Are Movie Goers Only Entertained by Pandering Simple-Minded Movies?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/19/2012

Movie Cliques: Jocks and Geeks: I wasn’t planning on writing this posting just yet, although it has been weighing on my mind for a while. However, this post inspired me to state my mind on these matters.


I’ve often felt like an outsider. The things I consider to be my favorites are usually abnormal for someone of my age and gender. In my high school days, I hated the 4/4 rhythm hip hop song of the moment that everyone knew the lyrics to. I preferred to hole up in my bedroom and listen to a Broadway soundtrack and eat chocolate by the barrel. So, this rare taste often translates into movies. I cannot tell you how many times someone’s idiotic comment on Facebook regarding a certain movie has me almost virtually punching the offender. I’ve seen silly status postings saying things like:



“Hugo was such a stupid movie! It didn’t deserve those Oscars like Transformers did.”


“OMG, Inception was sooo stupid. I like, didn’t understand what was happening.”


Those are just examples, not exact quotes. But, they are inspired by real postings made by real people I unfortunately know. And every time I see something like this I’m tempted to rage. These people always make the argument that movies are supposed to “entertain” and if the movie is too “smart” or too “artsy” then what is the point? I can say that movies likeThe Artist and Jane Eyre entertained me far more than Real Steel or Transformers did. So, I think the problem lies with the fact that movie-goers are only able to be entertained if the movie is pandering and simple-minded.



And right there, I know people will say things like, Hey, don’t call me stupid just because I didn’t like your hoity-toity movie! And I can’t help but think: too bad. You are running around calling films far superior to The Hangover stupid, purely because you didn’t enjoy them, when technically they are the opposite of stupid.



It literally feels like High School bullying. During an opening weekend of new movies I literally see Jocks and Geeks emerge. Those muscle headed bullies rag on the smaller-framed fans of the art house film set to classical music. The dumb bullies call those who are smart and filled with good taste “stupid” because they are intimidated by the later. I’m not saying everyone has to like indie films. All I’m asking is for people to exercise the phrase, “It wasn’t my favorite” over “That was the dumbest movie I’ve ever seen.” When you say things like the later, it is obvious who the stupid one really is.



This must be a knee-jerk reaction to the realization that said idiot-movie-goer is too dimwitted to understand truly intelligent films such as InceptionCitizen Kane, Sophie’s Choice, and The Cabin in the Woods.  Do they feel the need to call these movies stupid so that no one else realizes that they, in fact, are the stupid one?



I don’t feel bad about lashing out about this. Some might say I am being too harsh. But, I’ve spent years being told that I am stupid, that I have silly taste, and I think it is time that those who prey on the broader minded get a taste of their own medicine.


I am not saying all movies need to be Oscar worthy. I understand that some movies are fun. But, I think it is a crime and a shame when Transformers makes a bucket load at the box office and The Artist makes a fraction of that. I love Harry Potter, but it didn’t deserve the Oscar nominations many thought it did. The Hangover is what could truly be called a stupid film; it doesn’t contribute anything to the cinema world, but instead makes potty jokes and takes money out of the pockets of more worthy films.

In conclusion: Grow up, America and stop picking on the smart kids.


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