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Movie Review: What To Expect When You're Expecting

Written by   // 05/26/2012

What to expect when you're expectingWhat To Expect When You’re Expecting Movie Review

What this viewer expected was to laugh, and this movie delivered!  With an all-star cast including an incredibly buff Cameron Diaz as fitness expert Jules, and Brooklyn Decker as Dennis Quaid’s young enough to be his daughter expectant wife Wendy Cooper, this movie is a must see for anyone who has had or ever was a baby.  If you ever knew anyone who was a baby, you must see this movie.  Director Kirk Jones gets high marks for assembling a cast of characters supremely well fitted for each other.

Surprisingly, the standout of the film for me was Rebel Wilson who played Janice, Elizabeth Bank’s assistant.  Constantly aloof and wondering what should be said in which social setting, Janice is innocently dropping major miscues and leaving the crowd howling.  Another favorite was the interaction between Chris Rock, Ben Falcone and Rodrigo Santoro as they attempt to help Santoro figure out just what to expect, AND the fact that he has basically has lost the battle and never even knew he was on the battlefield.  A mix of hilarious, irreverent, and poignant, this movie most of the high notes of what goes on when a couple is three fiscal quarters from welcoming a little one into their world. 

It was smartly done by taking the view of six different couples and following them through the trials and tribulations from conception through the profanities of delivery and beyond.  No doubt that all of the viewing audience could relate to one aspect or another whether or not they have children, as having friends or family with children is all you need to relate.  The movie drives home the point that couples must be prepared for the unexpected, and that humor in healthy doses follows any pregnancy, you just have to see it.  



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