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Nashville, Season 2, Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/14/2013

Nashville Nashville: Scoop on the future of Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship in season 2 from TVGuide’s Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams


Here’s some scoop on Nashville from TVGuide’s Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams’ Mega Buzz column, which was posted on 8/13/13.



Is Scarlett going to accept Gunnar’s proposal on Nashville? I love them together! — Annie

ADAM: I wouldn’t put money on it. “I don’t think he’ll be instantly a happy chappy when the show returns,” Sam Palladio tells us. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is dead. “He’s growing and that’s reflected in some of the music he writes and some other cool relationships that develop,” Palladio says. “We see a new guy.”


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