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NBC’s Grimm 2×04 ‘Quill’ HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/28/2012

Grimm 2x04 HD PromoNBC’s Grimm 2×04 ‘Quill’ HD Promo



Here’s NBC’s New HD Promo For Next Weeks ‘Grimm.’ The Episode, 2×04, is titled  ’Quill.’ I find it a bit odd, that NBC has decided to jump the gun with Stephen Carpenter’s Fantasy drama series. Most networks wait until middle or late September to role out their fall shows.


Then again, Grimm has always had an odd schedule. To bad for them, the early release of the David Giuntoli lead show about the “Guardians” — “Grimms” isn’t paying off. Last year the show opened with 6.56 million viewers and was steady. It averaged 6.35 million through out the year. That’s promising. However, treating the show with kid gloves and releasing it before people are ready for the Fall roll outs has dampened that promise and may kill the brand. The season’s premiere, usually a series highest rated episode outside of the finale, was viewed by 5.7 million viewers. Down a full point in the ratings. I guess NBC thinks America will catch up on Hulu.


I know coming off the Olympics, where NBC ruled the ratings for three weeks, we have all started to think, NBC knows what they are doing after all. Even as most people in the media, including myself, blasted the network for tape delaying key Olympic events, the ratings proved them right and us wrong. However, NBC sports has never been the problem. That department of NBC has always excelled, it’s the TV shows Executives at NBC that are drowning the once flawless brand. Look for this episode of Grimm on Monday, September 3rd, at 10pm on NBC.


NBC’s Grimm 2×04 ‘Quill’ HD Promo


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