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NCIS 10×05: The Namesake: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/31/2012

NCIS 10x05 The Namesake

NCIS 10×05: The Namesake: Recap and Review


NCIS 10×05 The Namesake: “A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire’s car and the investigation links the crime to a man Gibbs was named after.”

NCIS 10×05 opens with a red Ferrari racing down an empty city street with music blaring. The driver is apparently enjoying the ride as he goes faster. Suddenly the driver notices a motorcycle following him and he speeds up to 120 miles per hour. Thinking he has lost the cyclist, the driver pulls down a dead end street and shuts off the music. The motorcycle pulls in behind him and the rider gets off, approaching the driver’s window in a leather jacket. Without a moment’s hesitation the cyclist fires three bullets into the driver and drops the gun on his way back to the bike.

Ducky and Palmer are discussing the body while Tony is talking about the crime to Ziva. It reminds him of a mafia movie. Ziva wonders if it’s a hit, Tony says maybe the killer watches too many movies.

Gibbs comes over and tells Ducky that the police found the car at 2:47 AM with the engine running. Ducky says that is one hour after his estimated time of death.

The driver is Collin Boxer; he’s 26 and Gibbs asks how he could afford a $300,000 car. Tony points out that he was accused of shaving points in Basketball and taking payoffs from bookies. Then he joined the Navy. The car isn’t his, it belongs to V.J. Chiya, a billionaire businessman.

Abby comes in and says that the shooter was an amateur; she couldn’t get prints because of rubber bands wrapped around the handle. The serial number was filed off on the outside, but not on the slider; he didn’t know it would be there twice. The serial number is traced back to a Maryland Pawn shop.

At the pawn shop, Tony picks up a flying V guitar and pretends to play it while the owner checks to see who purchased the gun. “Kim Taylor” she says, returning from the back with a receipt. Gibbs asks why it’s still registered to the pawn shop and has Maryland law explained. The purchaser gets a gun permit and then the seller sends in the receipt for purchase. If the state doesn’t notify the shop within seven days the gun is turned over to the new owner.

Tony Dinozzo spots a medal of honor in the display case and asks about it. Gibbs says it’s illegal to buy one. When the owner is questioned she says that she can’t sell it and she didn’t buy it. An old man came in and said he really needed the money, so she lent him $3000. Tony reads the name and says it’s a small world. “Leroy Jethro Moore. What are the odds two people would have the same name.”

Gibbs is choked up and his voice is telling; “My dad’s best friend, I was named after him. Did he say why he needed the money?” The shop owner has no answer.

In the NCIS office the team is discussing Leroy Jethro Moore, “L.J.” He was on Iwo Jima, crawled in to save men even though he was wounded himself; one recalls seeing a picture of him and Jackson Gibbs on a wall. They opened the store together. Ziva asks why it took so long for him to get a medal; Tim explains that African American soldiers were excluded until President Reagan. Only 7 men were recommended and only two were still living by the time the law was changed.

Kim Taylor is confused when she is questioned. She says she wondered what Navy investigators would want to talk to her about. She tells them that she bought the gun because of break ins in her neighborhood; when she took it to the shooting range and fired it, she got scared, didn’t want it in her home. She gave the gun to her brother Chris, a student at John Hamilton.

Tony and McGee are at the hotel to question a man that Boxer worked with. Dinozzo says that it’s bad karma for him. His dad always stays there when he’s in town. The coworker, Bodie says that Boxer worked the night shift with him. He told him not to take the car. Then he describes the scene: 1:00 AM and this guy checks in with a girl, Boxer figured he wouldn’t be out for a while so he went for a joy ride. He thinks Boxer got arrested and is surprised to hear he got shot. Then he explains that the Navy money wasn’t enough for Boxer; he was working at the hotel because he owed money to a bookie, “The Gimp.”

Dinozzo and McGee hear a man arguing about his car and they approach him. “Mr. Chiya? We have your Ferrari.”

Ducky recovers three 22 caliber slugs from Boxer’s body as Palmer asks advice about his marriage. His wife asked what he thought of her new haircut and he told her the truth. Gibbs comes in and Ducky says that the slugs are the same caliber as the gun and Mr. Palmer is taking them to Abby if he can stay awake that long.

“I heard about your namesake; you never mentioned him before, there’s a lot you never mentioned.” Ducky says to Gibbs.

Gibbs talks about L.J. saying he was in the first African American Marine Corps; Gibbs hadn’t seen him since he was a sophomore in High School. “Something happened between him and my dad.” Gibbs confesses. “I wrote to congratulate him when he was awarded the medal, he never wrote back.”

Tony and Ziva go to question Chris Tucker and his roommate answers the door. Alec Dell asks if there’s a problem. “Yes, it is three o’clock in the afternoon and you just got up. Do your parents know what they’re paying for?” Ziva replies. Tony asks if they can look around and Dell lets them in. Ziva finds something and asks “What is this?” it turns out to be a vacuum beer bong.

Dell claims that he hasn’t seen Chris since “Yesterday.” Tony offers his card and says to get in touch if he hears from Chris or if he comes back.

Gibbs calls his dad, “It’s not Sunday; is everything alright?” Jackson asks his son.

“Got a minute?” Gibbs asks before continuing. “Are you aware that L.J. tried to pawn his Medal of Honor?” Gibbs hears his father’s negative reply, “You ever going to tell me what happened between you two?”

“I told you, never bring up his name.” Jackson shouts before hanging up.

At the NCIS office the next morning Gibbs listens to what they have so far. Chris Taylor hasn’t been seen in over twenty-four hours; the bookie, Zombrano was arrested on an unrelated charge and they can’t get him until the police department is done with him. Gibbs asks Tim to check with the V.A. about L.J. Moore.

Abby is on the phone with V.J. Chiya, explaining why she can’t give him his car yet when Gibbs comes in. The man infuriates her and she is sure that what she’s found in the car could get him arrested. Cuban cigar residue in the ashtray, Justin Bieber CD in the CD player. Gibbs asks if there’s anything else and she says that he practices safe sex; there are condoms in the glove compartment. Gibbs says to give the man his car.

Chris Taylor finally turns up and they go to question him. He claims the gun was stolen from the trunk of his car, but he never reported it stolen. They ask where he was at 2: in the morning; he says he was backpacking but of course no one can confirm it. Tony asks if he had his cell phone and says they can track it and pinpoint where he was; he says he turned it off. Chris refuses to answer any more questions until they get his father, a lawyer.

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Gibbs calls his dad and leaves a testy message on his answering machine, reminding him of a conversation they had before Gibbs shipped out.

The next morning they are wondering where Gibbs is. Even though he has no alibi, they can’t find any connection between Chris Taylor and Collin Boxer. Gibbs is at a nursing home, he has tracked down Leroy Jethro Moore.

L.J. says that he left the post office twenty years ago. Gibbs asks if he ever married; he says he tried it a couple of times but “it didn’t work out for me.”

L.J. says that he was so proud when he found out that Gibbs had become a marine and Gibbs says it was because of L.J. “I liked the snazzy blue dress uniform with red stripes.” L. J. says of his joining the Marines. He says he doesn’t see a ring and asks if Gibbs has ever married. “I tried it a couple of times; it didn’t work out for me.” Gibbs replies.

Gibbs asks about the Medal of Honor. “I didn’t have any family and it was just collecting dust on the shelf.” He nods towards the nursing home, “The lift broke and they didn’t have the money to fix it so I put the medal to good use.”

When Gibbs asks about what came between L.J. and his father, L.J. says to talk to his dad about that. Gibbs says that if L.J. ever needs anything and offers his card; “if you ever want to talk.” Gibbs finishes before leaving.

Abby takes V.J. Chiya to his car and he is clearly smitten with her and flirting the whole time. He says she doesn’t look like a scientist and even offers her a job. He asks her to go to dinner with him to discuss it; talks about his jet and that they could go to St. Croix. Abby turns him down and offers him the clipboard to sign for his car.

When Gibbs gets home his father is in his house; he says he had to come after the message on his answering machine. Jackson reiterates that Jethro was never to bring up that man’s name again. “That was forty years ago; he was your best friend, your business partner; you named your only son after him…”

“He killed your mother, Jethro.” Jackson exclaims.

“She had cancer, but that’s not what killed her.” Gibbs says he knows. “She took her own life.”

Jackson says that she confided in L.J. and he didn’t stop her; didn’t tell him either. They could have had more time. “He cheated us; we deserved to have that time with her.”

The next morning Ziva and Tony are asking Tim if he knows where Gibbs is; they’ve heard nothing, there’s nothing on his desk. Gibbs enters behind them. “My dad showed up.”

They have video of the Ferrari leaving the hotel and see the motorcycle following. They check to see if Chris Taylor has a motorcycle license. Tony introduces Gibbs to Chris, and Gibbs tells him that they know he has a motorcycle license. They show him pictures. It’s not his bike, it belongs to his roommate; Chris says that looks like his helmet.

Gibbs gets the story from L.J. about his mother. They were friends in High School and L.J. had been in love with her too. He came home from the war and watched his best friend marry the girl he loved. They kept a special relationship; Jackson knew he loved Ann. He confronted L.J. and he did not deny that she had confided in him. He packed up and left the store and Stillwater behind.

The NCIS team can’t find Alec Dell when they go to pick him up. It turns out that he’s a genius; belongs to Mensa. He did an internship with V.J. Chiya’s company and he developed software that they were going to make billions off of. He had signed a paper but still felt he should be paid; it wasn’t about Collin Boxer, he thought he was killing Chiya.

Gibbs brings L.J. to the basement of his house where Jackson is waiting. He doesn’t want to see the man but Gibbs says “The three of us have one thing in common; we all loved the same woman.” He goes to cook dinner.

NCIS brings Chiya in and explains; Dell will keep trying to kill him unless he helps them catch him. Tim has written and e-mail for Chiya to send and they want him to deposit a million dollars to draw the kid out. Chiya resists but finally relents; after Dell is caught on an ATM camera the Satellites pick up his motorcycle and they find him camping in the mountains.

Back at the nursing home, Jackson is saying good bye to his old friend. He says that he has to get on the road; can’t drive so good in the dark. Before he leaves he asks if L.J. wants to visit Stillwater again. L.J. is cagey, asks if his parents’ house is still there. In the end Jackson asks if he wants a ride; “Only if I’m drive, you’re the worst.” L.J. replies.

“Me! I’m not the one who totaled your father’s Studebaker.” Jackson says. “I’ll pick you up in an hour.”

This episode: Dedicated to Montford Point Marines

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