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NCIS: 10×07: Shell Shock Pt. 2: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/21/2012



NCIS: 10×07: Shell Shock Pt. II: Recap and Review

NCIS: 10×07 Shell Shock Pt. II:  Conclusion: “Gibbs searches for a terrorist with the help of a Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile Abby plans the NCIS Thanksgiving dinner and Ziva makes special plans for the Opera.”

NCIS 10×07 opens with the sound of a heartbeat in the dark. Suddenly we are back in Argando and PFC Hall is playing cards, talking to McCartney. Captain Westcott comes in and Hall talks about his impending fatherhood. “Daddy-Looks good on me, huh Captain”

Gibbs knocks and is heard calling Westcott through the hotel door. “You were right about Kersi being in Argando.” Westcott’s reply: “with the enemy…”

Gibbs tells the Captain that Kersi is planning something her; NCIS could use Westcott’s help. Gibbs presses Joe for anything he can remember, maybe something from the convenient store. “Didn’t seem like he was there for a pack of gum” Joe replies.

In the room Westcott tries to remember after being prompted about what was in his report. “Torres said we were inside, but I only remembered the ambush.” Westcott admits putting things in his report that he didn’t actually remember, he only remembers Kersi trying to capture PFC Hall. He mentions McCartney, a nickname for Patterson; a real Superman. He got Hall and brought him back.

Joe’s father says that his son will help Gibbs with anything he needs. Gibbs asks if the father and two brothers would like more room, but the elder Westcott says he will be returning to Ohio. Evan says that he will stay with his brother.

Back at the NCIS office Ziva is on the phone. She says that it has to be Saturday night; it has to be the Opera. She can’t believe they are sold out. As Ziva hangs up Tony starts to ask her about this “big three” date. Gibbs enters and the two agents brief him on what they know about Randall Kersi. He had no family, joining the IJIL cause probably made him feel like he belonged. Abby has confirmed the man has two IADs.

Gibbs takes Westcott to talk to “McCartney, as in Paul. He was always playing the guitar.” Patterson is not happy to see NCIS or his Captain. He says that he heard what happened to Torres; they didn’t need to come and tell him personally. He doesn’t recognize the picture of Kersi. He tells Joe, “I needed you before, this I don’t need” and goes back in the house. Gibbs says that this is his bad, he shouldn’t have brought Joe.

Flashback to the Argando ambush and Captain Westcott is inside the IJIL headquarters when he hears his men screaming outside. He runs out and sees Hall dragged away; then he runs in the other direction. Gibbs grabs him and takes him down.

“I remember the headquarters.” Joe says. “Then why are you running?” Gibbs asks him.

Gibbs exits the elevator with Sergeant Evan Westcott and Capt. Joe Westcott, to meet with Abby. She greets the men as Sergeant and Captain and tells Joe that she has created a virtual reality of the enemy headquarters for him. She has used Satellite images to create the VR world which will help him remember and he can help her fill in details in her model.

Abby turns to talk to Gibbs about Thanksgiving dinner but is interrupted by Evan. “Lady Lab coat, my brother just turned this thing on.” Abby talks Joe through the virtual world and he fills her in on any details he remembers. This was where he first saw the letters IJIL. He sees a photo of Kersi on the wall too. Then he goes outside and tries to face the ambush; he rips the helmet off and hands it to Abby. “I know how it ends; I gave you all I got. Sorry… Good Luck.”

Tony interviews Kersi’s girlfriend Brooke who seems obsessed with proving everything he says about Randy. She calls and verifies that his phone goes straight to voice mail; then she checks texting and the chats that he is usually on. She claims the last time she saw Kersi was this morning; he was going on a business trip. She looks at Tony and says “He was lying to me, wasn’t he? We’ve been together for eight months.” Tony says that they will need Kersi’s laptop and Brooke complies. She can’t remember the tag but does verify Kersi’s car and says it was left to him by his uncle. Maybe they can trace the registration.

NCIS: 10×06: Shell Shock: Recap and Review

In the office Ziva gives Gibbs the rundown. No hits on the car, but there’s no tag number. Tim says he hasn’t used his credit cards or cell phone and hasn’t turned up on any cameras. He gets Kersi’s laptop from Tony. Gibbs says that he is going to find out how you find a guy when he knows you’re looking for him.

Gibbs goes to Ducky who has become a great profiler. Ducky says that the IJIL forms unshakable bonds with the members. They may be helping Kersi. He also asks Gibbs about Westcott, who Gibbs says is on his way home. Ducky suggests that Jethro call him.

Gibbs calls Joe and realizes from the background noise he is in a bar. He goes to meet with the two brothers letting Evan know that this was not a good idea. Before long the two brothers are fighting and Gibbs has to break them up.

In the morning Ziva says that McGee is in the office early; he says he stayed all night. He has been going through all of Kersi’s chats and found nothing. Ziva says that in the meantime they are just giving him more places to hide by the minute. Tim uses that to segue and ask about the Opera; one of the big three. Ziva knows that Tony put him up to it; she wants to know why Tony is so interested.

As Tony comes in, Tim discovers a picture of Kersi and a girl in front of his car. Dinozzo is so interested in the girl he doesn’t realize the photo is of the car and the Tag is visible.

Gibbs consults with the psychiatrist about how to help Westcott. This has gone beyond the case; he is serious about getting Joe his life back. The doctor says that he has to rediscover his purpose and reestablish trust. At the hotel, Westcott refuses to stay with his brother; Gibbs tells him “You can bunk with me.” Evan says he wasn’t thinking when he took Joe out for the drink. They’d never fought before; he just wanted the brother he loved back. Gibbs tells him to “Try to love the brother you’ve got.” Evan says he and Joe will go back to Ohio together; whenever he’s ready.

Gibbs takes Westcott to the convenient store to relive the night that Torres died. He can’t believe the owner closed for them. Gibbs says there is no harm at all if they leave the store with nothing. Westcott remembers spotting Kersi and also a girl with blue hair that came into the store. Gibbs makes him ignore all of the other memories. Focusing, Westcott remembers a handoff between Kersi and the girl, a note.

Tony produces the picture of the girl; Westcott gave a lot of detail. He puts out a BOLO on her as Tim says the police have spotted Kersi’s car.

Gibbs and his team approach the car and tell Kersi to show his hands, but when they pull the man out of the car it isn’t Kersi. The teenager says that he was given $200 and told to take the car and keep driving. “Please don’t shoot me.”

Tim speculates on the whereabouts of Kersi; but Gibbs says that is where he wants them to look for him. He must have stayed in the area to continue with his plans. “He wanted us to follow the car.” Gibbs says that Kersi knows how to reach the kids that he uses to do his work. He sends Ziva and Dinozzo on a stake out, but Ziva protests. She thinks it’s time for a boy’s stake out. Gibbs tells her to lighten up on Dinozzo; the Opera is one of “the big three” dates.

Gibbs suggests that Joe get some sleep, says the couch is good. Westcott says he can’t sleep. He talks about Torres and his girlfriend. He says he had a great girl like that, but when he came back he cheated on her. He says that he really loved that girl. He says that his own father can’t look at him and he can’t look at his brother.

Gibbs tells him the only way to beat this is to keep fighting and maybe let someone else take a whack at it once in a while.

Tony presses Ziva to tell him about the man in her life; he’s upset because he had thought they were at the point they could tell each other things. She finally confesses that it isn’t a guy; it’s Tali, her sister. Her sister loved Opera and could sing so that it would make even their father cry. She goes to the Opera every year for her sister’s birthday. Ziva feels that she is letting her sister down by not going.

Ziva catches sight of the girl with blue hair. They question her about Randall Kersi; she says he helps them. He never asks them to do anything bad. The note he gave her had instructions to meet him at a café and take a package to Union Station. “Nothing bad”

Kersi shows up to meet the girl and pass her the box. He asks if she knows where to take it. This time he wants to know when it’s done. Tony turns in the booth behind the girl and holds a gun on Kersi.

Gibbs interrogates Kersi while Tony and Westcott watch from the other room. Westcott gets upset when Gibbs leaves but Tony assures him that Gibbs has seen Kersi has a conscience. Now he is going to take a hammer to it. When Gibbs returns he shows photos of the men that were killed in the ambush. He describes their lives; their innocence. “Where’s the bomb Kersi?”

Kersi has tears on his cheeks as he says his other name, and that “IJIL are my brothers. Today I failed them but that night I got one more savage than I thought.” Westcott storms into the room and starts beating up Kersi. As he is being pulled off of the terrorist he remembers that Kersi’s girlfriend was pictured in the headquarters; she’s part of it.

Ziva gives the info on Brooke Fentin; she has never been to Afghanistan; she doesn’t answer her cell. Her work schedule has her catering a Thanksgiving dinner; no address.

Abby comes up and says “Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs!” The blueprint belongs to the home of a Senator. He is hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner. The bomb is meant to take out members of Congress.

The team fans out; the bomb was found in the kitchen and has been disarmed. A shirt was found in the closet. Multiple witnesses saw her. She’s got to be on foot. Gibbs says she always had a plan to get out.

She is dressed as a police officer and gets into a car. When she looks up, Gibbs and Tony are in front of the squad car with their guns aimed at her.

Westcott and Gibbs meet with McCartney. Joe tells him that his head is messed up. He says that Patterson should take up the guitar again. Paul doesn’t know if he can. Gibbs tells Patterson that he knows it’s in him, it was before. Westcott explains that he means when Paul went to get Hall back from the enemy. “That wasn’t me, it was you.”

Westcott looks at Gibbs “I didn’t run away. I just wish it would have mattered.”

Patterson tells him. “Our General never ran from anything. That mattered to us.”

At the NCIS office Tony tells Ziva that he has already told Gibbs she will be late for dinner. She says “Not the way I drive.” Tony makes her sit down; he tells her that McGee installed surround sound in the offices. He puts on a CD of Phantom of the Opera. He says that he knows it won’t be the same. “Maybe if you close your eyes it’ll feel like the Opera, and Tali will be there with you.”

After the episode there is a public service announcement by Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon  for Veterans suffering from PTSD.  “You’ve helped our Country, now let us help you.”

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