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NCIS 10×08: Gone: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/28/2012



NCIS 10×08: Gone: Recap and Review

“A teen girl is kidnapped when a Navy Captain, his daughter and her friend are attacked. Meanwhile, Tony gets jealous when Ziva makes plans with a mysterious man.”

NCIS 10×08 opens outside of a movie theater; country music plays as a man sits in his car and answers his cell phone. He asks how he drew the short straw, joking with his friend on the phone. He says the movie let out twenty minutes ago, so they should be out soon. Then he sees the two girls he’s waiting for and says there they are. The sound of screeching tires interrupts him and he says “Uh oh.” Then gets out of his car as the two girls are attacked. The man fights with the kidnappers outside of a black van until one of the girls gets away and he gets shot. The masked men take the other girl into the van and speed away. The remaining girl is screaming for help as she sees her father lying in the middle of the street.

Tony gets out of the elevator at the NCIS headquarters and hears Ziva singing. He says he was wakened from the best dream with Bridget Bardot and Raquel Welch. He notices that Ziva is dressed up and she says she was meeting a friend who has a layover. His name is Schmiel, which has Tony breaking into song; the Laverne and Shirley theme “Schmiel Schlamozzle, Hassenpheff  incorporated.” Tim enters and asks “Are you gonna do it your way?”

Ziva is defensive and says Schmiel is a wise and influential man; he’s the kind of friend she can share things with that no one else would understand. Tony announces that no one can come between Ziva and her Schmiel.

Gibbs enters and lets them know they have a body; a dead Naval Captain. He also tells them that a teenage girl has been kidnapped. At the scene, Ducky identifies the man as Captain David Wade; he was picking up his daughter and her friend from work. It was her friend Rose Martin that was kidnapped and the captain’s daughter is the only witness. Ziva introduces herself and Gibbs to the girl, Lydia Wade. She says she wants her mom; her mom is deployed on a naval vessel. While they are talking to her, Rose’s parents arrive. Commander Scott Martin is adamant about getting information out of Lydia and his wife Connie has to hold him back.

In the NCIS office, Gibbs tells Tim it’s nice to have decent video for once. The theater has new cameras, but the kidnappers wore ski masks and there’s no tag on the van, so it’s still a dead end.

Gibbs says they have two white males in a black van and probably a driver too. He says all NCIS agents are to drop what they’re doing; they have a missing girl and 48 hours. Gibbs and Ziva take Lydia to MTAC so she can see her mom via satellite. Commander Jennifer Wade promises her daughter that she’ll be on the first transport as soon as the weather clears up. She says that Lydia can stay with the Martins’ but Gibbs says he doesn’t recommend it. Ziva volunteers to take Lydia for the night.

In autopsy, Ducky tells Gibbs that the bullet went straight through the captain’s liver; he didn’t suffer. The black substance on his hands that they thought was dirt turned out to be primer. It washed away with water, so the van could be any color. Ducky also tells Gibbs to breathe. “I’ll breathe when she’s back.”

Ducky offers his usual wisdom, telling Jethro to walk, not run. Firemen don’t run into a fire because they know they can do more good if they move slowly when entering the building. If they get hurt they can’t save anybody. Jethro says the girl isn’t a fire; Ducky says she’s the building. The kidnappers are the fire; walk, don’t run, or you’ll lose the girl.

Ziva takes Lydia to meet with Abby; she gives her the clothes she was wearing to be analyzed and Abby offers to use her computer to do a composite. Ziva says that even though they wore masks, she may remember details that will identify the men. “All I can see is my dad.” Lydia tells them.

At the home of the Martins, Scott and Connie want to know if NCIS is also going through Lydia’s computer and her phone. Tim says they are; then he notices an e-mail and asks who John Stevens is. The parents don’t know him; Tim explains he goes by Diesel and their daughter had been conversing with him on line. It seemed mostly one sided, but he asked if she was working the midnight shift and said he might catch a movie; might catch her too.

Gibbs catches Diesel selling pumpkins and offering teenage girls a “Sweet deal.” Gibbs asks if Diesel will give him a sweet deal too or if those are reserved for teenage girls. Diesel spits on his shoes and Gibbs knocks him out with a single punch. Tim shows up as Diesel falls; “Boss; I thought you were gonna wait for me.” He says. “I tried.” Jethro replies.

Back at NCIS in the interrogation room, Tim and Gibbs both question Diesel. He’s a known sex offender but claims the charge was for pissing on a dumpster. Gibbs says he can get that charge taken off his record if he’ll tell them where Rose is. Diesel acts serious when he asks if Gibbs can really do that; then he bursts into laughter. He has no idea where the girl is.

Meanwhile, Ziva discusses loss with Lydia. She says you never get over the loss of a loved one, you just get through. Lydia asks how you get through; “Leaning on others, the comfort of friends.” Ziva tells her. Suddenly Abby appears with Lydia’s cell phone and the girl brightens as she finds out they’re done with it. Her face falls in minutes; she had hoped to have a text from Rose. Then she finds out that there is a rally at the bowling alley where her father and Scott Martin belonged to a league together. She asks if she can go and is escorted by Ziva and Gibbs. Everyone is wearing a yellow ribbon, waiting for Rose’s return. The Martins also show up and Scott starts bashing NCIS for being at the rally; he wants to know why they aren’t out looking for Rose. Then he starts on Lydia; he wants to know what she told NCIS. Connie tries to calm her husband again and then consoles Lydia. She knows the girl has been through a lot.

Back in the NCIS lab, Abby shows Lydia pictures to try and get a composite based on any features she recognizes. Lydia is willing to do whatever she can to try and help. Suddenly she gets a text and announces that it’s from Rosie.

Tim traces the text to a burn phone and the location is pulled up on satellite. There is a trailer there and the NCIS team heads to the scene. They find a dead body in the trailer along with evidence suggesting that he untied Rose so that she could eat. She must have gotten caught sending the text and the other kidnapper killed the man for letting it happen. Tony keeps talking about how much the man stinks; poor hygiene.

In the NCIS autopsy room, Ducky assures Tony that the man’s poor hygiene will provide a lead. “The girl’s still out there, the clock’s ticking.” Tony says. Ducky says that no crime is more heinous than those involving children. He swears he will swab every detestable inch of the kidnapper for evidence.

Tim goes through the phone and finds that all of the numbers are burn phones. He finds photos of Rose that were sent from the phone; she’s dressed up and wearing make-up. This is a human trafficking ring. Gibbs tells Tim to search for Miranda Pennybaker. The FBI has the information locked so Gibbs says to call and Fornell to find her and call him.

Gibbs sends Ziva, Abby and Lydia to his house as there is no safe house to take her to. He tells them to make her feel safe. When his phone rings he says “Tobias, where is Pennybaker?”

Gibbs locates Penn and tells her he’s looking for someone who wants to buy a teenage girl. She’s clearly furious but owes him a favor. He says it’s time for a Hail Mary; “Or a Hail Miranda?” Gibbs says he’ll hail whoever she wants.

Ziva and Abby get to Gibbs’ house and show Lydia around. She turns on the TV which Abby claims came over on the Mayflower.  The western channel is playing and Abby says it’s probably the only channel he gets. Lydia says that Gibbs and her father would have gotten along. Abby offers to cook and Lydia asks for a shower, so Ziva shows her the way.

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Gibbs and Miranda show up at the home of Edgar, her wealthy friend who asks for things Miranda refuses to sell. He wants them to leave because he’s having a dinner party; so Miranda asks Gibbs if he’s hungry. Edgar says he’ll make some calls after dinner; Gibbs says that maybe he’s hungry after all and the man says he’ll make the calls now, but it will take time. Gibbs tells him they don’t have time.

Tony impersonates Ducky badly, when he talks to Gibbs on the phone. They have something off of “Filthy McNasty.” They talk about a composite resin found on the body and rosin on his hands like athletes use to keep their hands dry. Tony jokes that Pigpen was hanging out with athletes; then they all realize that the rosin is used at the bowling alley.

Abby and Ziva discuss what they were like as teenagers when Lydia comes in and says she remembered something in the shower. The other guy was pudgy and had a beard. Suddenly the lights go out. Lydia lights up her cell phone. Ziva notices that the street lights are still on and the neighbors’ lights are too. Abby thinks that maybe it’s a fuse but Ziva says no. They hear a sound and Ziva sends the girls upstairs.

She calls out that she’s a Federal Agent but the man doesn’t show himself and gets the drop on her. Ziva punches him repeatedly even though he has a gun, he can’t use it. Suddenly a fruing pan hit him over the head; it’s Abby. Lydia comes down to see if the women are okay and recognizes Fred from the bowling alley lying on the kitchen floor.

Fred tells Gibbs and Ziva that it was just about the money, he didn’t expect it to get out of hand. He’d been in prison and that’s where he met the guy. It was a half a million dollars for the two girls but they only got one, so $250,000 is not bad. When asked where the girls were going Fred replies “Some rich freak who likes virgins.” Ziva asks permission to hurt this guy, but Gibbs won’t give it. He reminds Fred what they do to guys like that in prison.

Abby tells Lydia that she has to be strong; Lydia is hugging Abby’s Hippo and she thinks that she would have been friends with Abby when she was a teenager. Abby says that they are not related to her but they can still relate; all of them will be there for Lydia. Gibbs seconds that when he comes in. Abby tells Gibbs that the dead kidnapper had a high concentration of a chemical in his system that fights motion sickness; like for boating of flight.

Up in the NCIS office, Tony talks to Miranda about Schmiel; which Miranda says is a very respected Hebrew name. He asks her who she is anyway and Miranda repies “Your worst nightmare.”

Miranda has a name for them: Claude Damien Lamont. When he’s not profiting from selling them he is abusing girls. Tim interrupts with information about Lamont’s yacht as he does a quick search. Miranda says she would have told them that if she hadn’t been so rudely interrupted. Lamont has a helicopter coming in to pick up the girl.

The kidnapper drags Rose towards a chopper and shouts about his money as he approaches. Before he can make it all the way, the helicopter doors open and the NCIS team all aim their guns at him. “NCIS, Let her go.” Gibbs shouts at him. Police cars pull up and the girl is released. Her parents race to take her into their arms.

Miranda meets Gibbs in his basement and asks if he still makes moonshine; he says not for years. She plans to take herself completely out of the game; Jethro says a zebra can’t change his stripes. Miranda says it’s a good thing she’s not a zebra.

In the NCIS office, Tony tells Ziva she looks nice. She says she’s waiting for Schmiel. Tony asks if his feet actually touch the ground. An elderly man approaches and says he must be Tony Dinozzo, Ziva’s very good friend. He mentions that he met another man with that name in a bar that could be an older version of Tony. Schmiel says that he has known Ziva since she was three years old and they’ll probably stay up all night talking. He insists that Tony come along. “Dinozzo, Lets Party.”


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