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NCIS 10×13 Hit and Run, Abby’s Origin Story

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/16/2013

NCISNCIS 10×13 Hit and Run, Abby’s Origin Story


In the last two episodes of NCIS, Shabbat Shalom and Shiva, we saw intense emotion and personal losses that will affect the NCIS team for a long time to come as the man who killed Eli David and Jackie Vance has gotten away. I foresee his picture going up on the wall as one of the NCIS most wanted. We also saw how Abby deals with the grief her friends are feeling. She baked cookies in her lab to ease the tension, for instance.



In episode 10×10, You Better Watch Out, Abby was dusting an old Christmas ornament for her family’s fingerprints. McGee hinted at her origin story then; she had fingerprinted all of her relatives as a child. In NCIS 10×13, Hit and Run, we will go back in time and find out what made Abby, Abby. Here’s what I could find on that special Abby-centric NCIS episode.


From TV Line’s Matt Web Mittovitch, we learned December 9th, 2012 that Brighten Sharbino will play the 10 year old version of Abby on NCIS:

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg says he had asked himself, “What kind of origin story could we do with Abby that would be a little different? And rather than look back at her first days of working at NCIS, I was more interested in, ‘When did Abby first start develop an interest in forensics? And in people? In bodies, and in clues, things like that?’ So we decided to go way back.”

Glasberg hails Sharbino  as a “terrific young actress” who has spent time hanging with Perrette, in part to pick up on the NCIS vet’s mannerisms and such. And yes, you might also get the origin of Abby’s unique fashion sense.

“From clothing choices to her hair, how she carries herself, things that she says… there are lots of great little prizes in this episode,” Glasberg promises longtime fans.


Then yesterday we found out a little bit more from Mega Buzz on the Abby Sciuto back story, and a preview of the NCIS 10×13, Hit and Run, synopsis.


On January 15th, 2013, Adam Bryant of Mega Buzz had this to say:

What have you heard about the upcoming Abby flashback episode on NCIS? — Jill

ADAM: Unlike previous “origin story” episodes, Abby’s tale is not about how she joined NCIS. “The goal was step all the way back and see when Abby started to develop an interest in putting clues together and solving mysteries,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says. The (somewhat painful) flashbacks, which are brought on by a present-day investigation of a Marine’s car accident, will also feature Abby’s brother Luka. “There’s almost a To Kill a Mockingbird quality to it,” Glasberg says. “It’s really emotional, and it ends with a beautiful scene of Gibbs pointing out to Abby just how special she is.”



NCIS returns to CBS on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, with episode 10×13, Hit and Run at 8:/7: Central.


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