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NCIS 10×14 Canary Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/06/2013

NCIS 10x14 CanaryNCIS 10×14 Canary Recap and Review


NCIS 10×14 Canary Summary: The NCIS team takes on a renowned hacker who could hold the key to tracking down the most-wanted cyber-terrorist in the world.


NCIS 10×14 Canary Review: NCIS has been one of my favorite shows for so long that I can’t really remember what life was like before my weekly visits to Abby’s Lab, Autopsy and MTAC. NCIS 10×14 had the feel of a con wrapped in an old movie I half remember. The concept is to convince the hacker that his worst nightmare has come true, and then play him until he gives up the desired information. The game never gets old, but I am surprised that the super smart hipster/hacker was taken in. I guess there is a sucker born every minute, or maybe I have simply been watching too much television. I wasn’t taken in by the ruse that the NCIS team had taken the hacker to Guantanamo Bay. It’s really a brilliant con, if you haven’t seen it a hundred times already, I am just surprised that the victim of the con didn’t see it coming. Okay, yeah, so there were a few minutes there when I wasn’t sure if I was wrong about it being a con, but just when I began to doubt my skills, the con was revealed. The worst moments were dealing with the E-Bola Virus, which was a much more pressing situation, and one that is realistic. In laboratories all over the world, scientists have access to virus strains that are used in immunizations, experiments and antitoxins. Those viruses, in the wrong hands, could be used as a terrorist threat. In case you missed how that threat was neutralized, you can read my play-by-play recap, below.


NCIS 10×14 Canary Recap: NCIS begins with a man on a bicycle, riding down the street and stopping at his building to complain to the technician that the door is blocked by his maintenance gear. He doesn’t think anything of it when Tim McGee says that “Henry” has changed buildings. He goes around the back and finds a homeless man in the alley (Gibbs) then hears a woman coming down the back stairs, talking on her cell phone. The man realizes he’s in a trap, the homeless man behind him hasn’t left and the woman is coming towards him. He grabs Ziva and holds a gun to her head. That was his first mistake, underestimating the skinny girl. Let’s face it, if he figured out that the homeless guy might be an agent for Homeland security, why wouldn’t he make the connection that he wouldn’t be working alone.


Tony and Ziva make their way to the NCIS office in the elevator but in spite of catching Hadje’ Khan, the hacker who broke into MTAC earlier in the year, the computers are still on the fritz. Tony complains to the tech and finds out that Hadje Khan is the second most wanted cyber-terrorist, the threat is still out there.


Gibbs interrogates the cocky Khan. and shows him a picture of the agent that was tortured to death in the recent hack. Gibbs tries to get the employer’s “U.P.” address, and the arrogant Khan calls him a dinosaur that doesn’t even know what an I.P. address is. Gibbs was still playing the con game, even Tony was taken in. Khan thinks he’s the smartest man in the room, Gibbs wants to prove he’s right.


McGee and Abby try to get intel from Khan’s computer but before they know it, the hard drive burns up like it had acid poured on it.


Gibbs uses Ducky’s profiling skills to get inside Khan’s head. There is no one in his life that can be used as leverage, so they have to get creative. Ducky reveals that Khan has double crossed terrorists who employed him in the past and they are being detained in Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Gibbs enlists the help of a General to get use of a plane to scare Khan into talking, but the acting Director doesn’t want to authorize the trip.


Gibbs heads down to Abby’s lab and learns that although Khan’s hard drive was fried, she was filming the entire thing; her cameras picked up code for a warehouse address. When Ziva and Tony head to the warehouse, they find a man who has died from exposure to E-Bola. Gibbs shows the photo to Khan, and plays him again. Gibbs tells him they know the victim was a bomb maker, but that E-Bola has been done. Khan says it was “MC’s” idea, and Gibbs laughs at him. He cals out to Tim that he won the bet, and Khan has to exert his ego; he says to wait a couple of days, which gives them the time frame that MC is working on.


Tony, Ziva and Gibbs get Khan on a plane to Guantanamo but the hacker doesn’t believe they are really taking him there, at least not yet. Gibbs heads down to Autopsy to talk to Ducky and learns the victim had a cut on his finger from opening a seal. He died a number of hours ago, but contracted the strain of E-Bola over a week prior to his death. Only one of his kidneys was destroyed, so the strain is a weakened one.


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Acting Director Craig grabs Gibbs from Autopsy and talks to him about the flight to Gitmo. He’s worried that the flight alone won’t work. He wants to know what they’ll do if three hours in the air don’t crack the hacker. Gibbs says that would be his call. Meanwhile, on the plane, Tony holds an air sickness bag for Khan to throw up. Tony asks if he’s ready to roll on “MC Hammer” which is kind of funny, especially since he’s calling his prisoner “Chaka Khan.”


Director Craig heads to Abby’s Lab to learn more and finds her sporting a funky new hairdo. She tells the acting Director that it’s her grandfather’s recipe for failure, but it’s really for tractors; he didn’t label it. We find out later that she used it to get rid of the burning smell from the sizzled hard drive, but it helps her think, too. When Director Craig learns that they’re dealing with the E-Bola Virus, he says he has to make a call.


Tony answers the phone and is all business as he tells Ziva that the game isn’t a game anymore. The pilot enters and tells them they are beginning their descent to Camp Delta. Khan still isn’t buying the incarceration game, even though Ziva has warned him there are old enemies down there. Tony drugs Khan.


The NCIS team in Washington determines that the E-Bola Virus was shipped as a flu vaccine, the labeling changed to facilitate the theft. Tim realizes that the victim of the virus was rigging the box to go off when it was opened.


Once in the cell at Gitmo, Khan is awakened and told he’s a secret prisoner; they had to knock him out to sneak him in. Ziva interprets the screams of the other prisoners. They leave him alone in “Cell 117″ to listen to the prison noises. When they return, they bring him some lunch. Suddenly an officer comes in and tells Ziva and Tony that the commander has learned of Khan’s incarceration. He wants to see one of them. Ziva goes, and Tony stays in the cell with Khan to play “good cop.”


Gibbs and McGee locate the courier who is transporting the E-Bola Samples and head him off. The man acts as if he doesn’t know what he is carrying, even as they slap him in hand-cuffs. Meanwhile, back at Gitmo, Tony and Khan are almost friends, when the cell door suddenly opens. Khan asks if this is another game, before they hear more shouts and gunfire. Tony tells Khan to shut up, and then gets on the radio. She tells Tony that the entire mainframe is down. Tony asks if it’s been hacked. Khan thinks that MC hired someone else to hack Gitmo because he found out Khan is there, Tony tells him to shut the door and heads into the hallway. Khan watches as a guard, an inmate and Tony struggle. Tony is shot in the knee and the inmate gets the guard’s gun; then Ziva comes around the corner and shoots the inmate in the back. They head into Khan’s cell to hold off the rest of the prisoners; Khan begs Tony and Ziva to protect him.


In the meantime, Gibbs and Tim have determined which container holds the E-Bola samples. Tim has a device that will reveal where the wires are. When the two come running out of the tent and a small explosion goes off inside, Tim says maybe he should have cut the other wire. Fortunately the zero pressure in the tent would contain the virus and everyone is safe.


In Khan’s cell, Ziva interprets the shouts from the prisoners outside. They will let Tony and Ziva go, if they give up Khan. Ziva reasons that they have no reason to keep him, he hasn’t given them anything they can use. Khan promises to give them MC (just as he turned in his other employers) to save his own skin. Tony gets Tim on the phone and the two geeks talk about tracking back to MC. Tim says that if MC could track Khan, he’s sure that Khan has also tracked MC. Khan gives up the I.P. address and Tony asks if it’s “Hammer Time.” Ziva lets go of the door and Khan gets really scared as the door opens. He sees the ‘dead inmate’ standing at the end of the hall before the computer tech, “Kev” appears in the doorway. He has a system of sound bites that have been playing. Gibbs tells Khan that they did this ‘Old School.’ Gibbs and the director discuss the possible ramifications of  conning Khan as well as his lawyer, who was taken on a wild goose chase while they terrorized the hacker. Khan is pushed out into the falling snow and a waiting vehicle as Tony comments that “Cuba is colder than I remember.”


Yes I liked it, even though it was an old school con game all the way through. I have to admit that when Ziva shot the prisoner in the back, I did have a moment of doubt, but I was right all along. Did you know it was all a con game?




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