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NCIS L.A. On CBS :: Season Premier :: Episode 4X01

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/26/2012

NCIS L.A. On CBS :: Season Premier :: Episode 4X01


NCIS L. A. Cast members LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah @DanielaRuah and Eric Olson @ericcolsen joined in the Twitter conversation during the first episode of season 4 “Endgame” in the CBS Connect Lounge.

Agent G. Callen has been incarcerated for the night for killing the Chameleon, Marcel Jean Viev, and is being released as the show opens. Sam Hanna is waiting outside the gate and in spite of his smile and their history as partners, Callen is not happy to see Sam. Sam tells him that he has Granger to thank for his release and that there’s someone waiting for him across the street. As Callen walks away to get in a cab Sam hollers “Was it worth it, G.?”

Sam confronts Viziri across the street and tells him to stay away from Callen.

Back in the Los Angeles office of NCIS, Eric and Nell are still trying to get rid of the video that has been uploaded to YouTube. It shows Callen being arrested for shooting Jean Viev. Every time they take it down it gets reposted. Eric says he’ll have to create a kill program… Hetty has resigned and half of the LAPD already knows about it. Atley is in the boat shed and hasn’t been questioned yet, and Granger lets Sam know that the CIA wants their traitor back. Director Vance wants to know why one of his agents shot an unarmed man on national television.

Kensi and Deeks go in to question Atley who confesses that he has a file with proof that Cherokee was spying for the CIA. He downloaded all of the encrypted communications between Cherokee and Langley. It also lists the names of every informant who’ve ever worked covertly for the US in Iran. The file is in a safety deposit box. The key is in a luggage locker, but the Iranians know about the file too.

Granger meets Hetty on her yacht. She’s planning to head out to the Atlantic alone. She thinks Granger has come to talk her out of leaving, and he informs her that she needs to be careful. She says they’re all responsible for the mess. “Get the hell off my yacht!”

When Callen returns to the beach after a swim he meets Viziri who is holding his towel. “We had a mutual acquaintance, until you killed him.” Viziri says we all have a price and they need to figure out Callen’s.

Hetty meets with an old adversary, once an ally he changed sides when the power shifted in Iran. After her encounter Hetty says “You can come out now Mr. Hanna.” And lets Sam know in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t need his protection. If he needs her she can be found in the nearest bar. She’s been followed on her way to meet Callen at the bar, by Kadin, the man she met at the dock. Callen decides he might as well add treason to his crimes. He gives Viziri the name of Cherokee for a guarantee they’ll leave Hetty alone.

Kensi and Deeks go to the bank and Kensi creates an hilarious distraction while Deeks opens an account as  aNCIS L.A. ruse to get into the safety deposit box. Deeks gets a USB and places it in the case he brought in with him. Hanna is waiting in the parking garage. The getaway plan is not fool proof and Viziri’s men show up to take the case away amid an intense gun fight.

Back at NCIS L.A. headquarters Eric has been intercepting communications between Viziri and Tehran. The problem is that it’s all in Farsi and Hetty speaks Farsi, but she’s gone. Samm says he’s rusty but he does his best. As it turns out they have been told to go back to the source of their information. Callen. It’s far too late for Hanna to get to Callen in time; the message is thirty minutes old.

Under threat of his own life and Hetty’s as well, Callen must prove the truth to Viziri. Seeing that Kadin is in a position to take Hetty’s life, Callen says that it’s all been a lie. Cherokee isn’t a spy, there never was a spy. The CIA put it all together to get rid of the General in Tehran because he couldn’t be bought. He’s a loyal extremist. Callen says there is someone who can prove that everything he’s saying is true, Jean Viev.

Jean Viev’s murder was staged so that the Iranian’s would believe Atley’s information. A disgraced agent would be someone they believed they could buy. Tehran will want someone to pay. The 50 Million dollars they paid for the information and the man they gave the money to. Callen negotiates a trade, Hetty’s life and himself for Jean Viev. As the man is turned over to Viziri Sam tells him “I hear the weather is great in Tehran this time of year.” In reference to Jean Viev’s constantly treating everything like a game Callen says “Check mate” as he passes.

In the NCIS L.A. Office Hetty remarks “I hope you haven’t moved my things Owen.” He hands her back her letter of resignation. “You know you can print out a new one each time instead of just changing the date.” In the  operational debrief we are filled in on just how the plan came together. Cherokee has been released and given a promotion. The agency wants a full report. They want to know when they cooked up the outrageous plan and why they weren’t included in it. Hetty says “Maybe you could tell them we just worked it out over a cup of tea.”

Deeks had switched the USBs at the bank. Eric added a two page file outlining how the CIA could undermine terrorist cells by making them believe there was a traitor in their midst. Oh and a body washed up at the marina. Kidin, it appears he and Viziri had a falling out.

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