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NCIS Los Angeles: 4×06 Rude Awakenings: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/14/2012

NCIS Los Angeles: 4x06 Rude Awakenings: Recap and ReviewNCIS Los Angeles : 4×06 Rude Awakenings: Recap and Review. “Sam’s most private secrets are threatened to be revealed during the continued investigation into the death of a CIA agent who once worked with Sam.”


Hetty enters OPS with Eric and Nell; she asks if all 7 cities are on line. Two are only on audio. She gets the status of “Phase line green.” On all cities and then gives the command. “3,2,1 Execute; Execute; Execute!”

In San Diego, Kensi carries a package to the door yelling “Mr. Andrews, I have your package.” She knocks and keeps talking as if she is a neighbor who has a package delivered from UPS. When there is no answer Deeks hollers for her to come back, feigning that he is her husband and they’ll be late. Finally the team moves in wearing their bullet proof vests marked NCIS. They break through the doors shouting “Federal Agents, put your hands in the air.” But no one responds. The house seems empty as they go through clearing one room at a time. Finally they find Mr. Andrews, he’s deceased.

Each team reports to Hetty, all of the targets are deceased. Sidorav’s men have gotten there first. The whole house was searched. Either they didn’t find what they were looking for or they tore the house up to make it look as if they didn’t get any information.

Hetty asks if Andrews was tortured. There is no evidence to suggest that any of the targets had bombs. Hetty wants to know if Andrews had one and if so, where.

Sam talks to deputy director Grainger; Hetty called him in and he is filled in on the situation. Sam tells Grainger that Sederov is former FSB, he has since become an arms dealer. He was probably sent to investigate Turner to see what he knew about the Russian sleeper agents. Callen speculates that Sederov inherited the old KGB files and had access to the list before NCIS decoded Turner’s.

Hetty suggests that Sam and Callen meet with Arcadi to get more information. He makes huge arms deals and then disappears for years. They also find out that Sidorav collects expensive wine as a way to have ready cash in the US. Callen calls Eric and has him look for wine storage with long term leases.

After leaving Arcadi Callen notices that they’ve picked up a tail. Sam directs Callen as they try to lose the car, then goes down a blind alley for a face off.

The car pulls in behind them “Get out with your hands up. Are you armed?” Callen replies “No, but he is.”

It’s CIA and the man is someone who knows Sam Hanna; Michael Snyder is someone who Sam says he never liked. Sam, Snyder ans Turner all worked together on the same team.  Sam asks if his men like him; says he’s a little pompous, a little smug.

Snyder wants to work together to get Sidorav; make him turn to someone he already knows and trusts. Sam follows along, give him an enemy; make him turn to an old friend. Snyder says that Sam has played this game before. “See that’s why I don’t like you, this isn’t a game.”

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Callen says that if this is to remain a joint mission but Snyder interrupts him; says Callen is irrelevant. “Then we have no deal.” Sam walks away and so does Callen.

“Well played.” Snyder says, “We start when we find Sidorav.”

“You call us when you find him.” Callen says and they get in their car, he tells Snyder to get the car out of their way.

Back at NCIS Los Angeles, Sam tells Eric and Nell that he wants to know when they find Sidorav. He says they must owe him a favor; he wants to know before they tell Hetty and Grainger.

Callen takes Sam aside and says “We’re all in this together.” Sam tells Callen what happened to the other agents who went up against Sidorav. “Snyder is too cavalier with the lives of his agents.”

Nell tells the San Diego team that Andrews was a teacher and worked within two miles of his home. There is only a one mile overlap and there aren’t any storage facilities in the overlap. There is no place for him to hide a nuclear weapon. They notice that he has a pair of “suckers” which are used to move heavy glass, but a teacher would have no use for those. Deeks asks for blueprints.

The final plans on his house were changed, there was supposed to be a basement but there isn’t one. Deeks says “Riverdance” and starts dancing and stomping on the hardwood floors. When Kensi realizes what he is doing she tells the rest of the team to “riverdance.”

They hear a difference in the dining room floor and move the table and chairs. They pound on the floor and find a hidden room. When they report back to Ops Deeks asks if they have found Sidorav; because the room is empty now but it did contain a bomb.

Grainger asks Eric and Nell to tell him how functional a thirty-five year old nuclear bomb would be. Eric uses the touch screen to explain how the bomb would work while Sam says he is getting ahold of Snyder. Callen says he’s seen all this before and goes to meet with Sam and Hetty.

Hetty says that they are asking a lot of their operations manager. They leave to meet with Arcadi again as Grainger comes in and talks to Hetty. He asks if they are going to meet with Snyder; her answer is “imminently.” Grainger asks Hetty to tell him what’s really going on.

Arcadi tells Sam and Callen who Sidorav would fear. Andre’ Kierkin has a large powerful organization. Sidorav killed his brother. Kierkin has a hit man in Los Angeles; Arcadi plays poker with him. They pick up Victor and accuse him of murdering a sixteen year old. They take him up to a roof and tell him that he murdered her; they show him Kierkin’s picture and say they want him to testify against his boss.

Sam fakes a heart attack and Victor makes a run for it. Kensi is on the phone as Victor runs down the stairs; she films him running away.  Deeks catches him when he comes through the door. Grainger is waiting for the team in the alley.

Sam tells them to put Victor in the car and goes to talk to Grainger; “What did Hetty tell you?” Sam asks.

“Everything.” Grainger says. Sam tells Grainger that if this is where he says you’re a good agent but I’m gonna have to fire you, he’s too busy. Grainger says he can’t have agents telling lies by omission. He also says that he understands everything. He’s got Sam’s back, but Snyder’s not going to be passive. If they’re gonna do this they have to be quick.

Deeks and Kensi ask Callen what they’ve missed, and who’s Quinn? “Quinn is what this is all about.” Callen tells them. Grainger lets Deeks know that Sidorav is leaving his room and to go in; Eric asks if the room key worked. Deeks plants a camera but it doesn’t work, so he places another one. Callen is on the roof and fires shots at Sidorav when he exits the hotel.

Sidorav rushes back inside and Grainger warns Deeks to get out. He is still placing the camera and asks Eric if it works. Eric says he has it; get out. Deeks is coming down the hall as Sidorav returns to his room. Callen catches Deeks’ dog from Kensi and continues down the stairwell as Kensi talks on the phone reporting the gunfire. Sidarov’s men hear her say she has video of the guy on her phone. They ask to look and then take her phone; she protests but they push her away.

The team returns to NCIS Los Angeles headquarters and go into Ops. Callen tells Eric to rewind and he translates what is being said. Sidorav is mad because they didn’t catch the shooter; he doesn’t want to change hotels. He recognizes the shooter and wants a hit man to kill Kierkin. Grainger instructs Eric that all the calls will be dead ends until Sidorav is forced to call Quinn.

Grainger asks Sam if he can get in touch with Quinn. He says that they’ve kept in touch over the years. In the meantime, Nell is drawing an alias for Sam. She says they’d have to dig to China to break it. When Sam is seen again he is being released from prison. He gets into the car with a woman and they kiss passionately. The two of them are next seen in bed together.

“That was different.” She tells him. “It’s been a long time since making love was like that.” Sam replies. “I guess marriage changes things.” She tells him as she leaves the bed.

The door slams open and two men enter with guns aimed at Sam. “Where’s Quinn?” The woman Sam is with stands in the doorway and tells them that if they want to live they need to get the guns out of “his” face.

Sam suggests that they obey her, his gun is aimed too. Quinn meets with “Isaac” and he tells her that she has to get rid of him. “I don’t like him.”

“What’s not to like?” Sam asks.

“That you’re alive. I don’t share my women.” Sam leaves and tells Quinn to call him later, when she’s finished. Then he goes to the NCIS Los Angeles gym and beats the punching bag until it falls from the ceiling. Callen comes in and asks about Quinn, she hasn’t called.

Hetty wants them in Ops; there were eleven sleepers, three couples. All of them were tortured and murdered, they did not all have bombs. Sidorav now has three nuclear weapons. Grainger comes in and tells Sam that a woman’s body washed up in San Francisco Bay. She had a parking ticket from the hotel where Quinn was last seen. Grainger apologizes to Sam.

The team goes to see the woman, but it isn’t Quinn. Snyder tells Sam that Sidorav left on a diplomatic flight. Callen can’t believe they let him get away with three nuclear weapons but Snyder says he wouldn’t try to cross the border with them. He gave Quinn a down payment of a quarter of a million dollars; he’ll be back.

Sam attacks Snyder and tries to drown him; Deeks and Kensi draw their weapons but Callen says to stand down. Then he tells Sam that it isn’t worth it. Kensi asks if there’s something between Sam and Quinn. Callen elaborates: “They worked together seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day for months on end. They fell in love.”

Sam is at home and hears his child say “Thank you mommy.”

Sam tells his wife that they need to talk. “You know the world could end before I’d ever let anything happen.”

Quinn reaches under her skirt and removes her gun, placing it in a wall safe, hidden behind her jewelry cabinet. “I thought this part would be over once we were married.”

Quinn tells Sam that she kind of likes it, doesn’t know if she wants it to end. She feels alive again. “Let’s take care of business first; we’re gonna get this bastard, right?”

“Hell yeah” Sam replies, then removes his wedding ring and puts it into his safe.



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