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NCIS: Los Angeles: 4×07 Skin Deep: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/21/2012

NCIS Los Angeles 4×07 Skin Deep


NCIS Los Angeles

NCIS Los Angeles 4×07 Skin Deep: Recap and Review

NCIS Los Angeles 4×07 Skin Deep: “The team investigates a crime that was posted on the internet involving a surfer and a Navy scientist.”

NCIS Los Angeles opens with the flashing lights and siren of an ambulance. Inside the EMT radios the ER with an ETA of ten minutes. The victim has multiple fractures. A van races past the ambulance and cuts off the driver, stopping in front. A man nearby is filming the scene as the driver fires shots into the ambulance and then gets in the back and stabs the victim with a knife.

G. Callen and Sam Hanna are discussing lunch as they come down the stairs at NCIS Los Angeles headquarters. Sam wants shrimp curry; Callen says they Deeks is bringing lunch. Kensi says it will be good because he loves food. Sam says that Deeks also loves Donny and Marie.

Deeks comes in and tosses sandwiches to the members of the team. Sam suspects peanut butter and jelly; Deeks says they’re organic hazelnut butter with chutney… Kensi, Callen and Sam remember yesterday’s pizza and leave Deeks. He takes a bite of the sandwich and says “Wow, that’s terrible.” He runs for the pizza too.

Up in Ops the team is given a run down on the bizarre murder. Hetty says that Kevin Stone was already in critical condition when he was stabbed. Nell says that there was curious chatter on the internet about a sick video around the time of the murder. This leaves a lot of questions. Why post the video? Who shot it? Who is the killer and why did he do it?

Hetty sends Callen and Hanna to see Stone’s supervisor, Deeks and Kensi to Rose for the forensics report, and has Eric and Nell tracing the poster’s IP.

Sam and Callen are told that Stone was working on low level intelligence technology. Sam warns that sounds vague. The man tells him that “99% of what we do is pretty mundane.”

Deeks makes Kensi sick talking about eating Liver and Onions as they witness the autopsy report. No matter how much Kensi tries to get him to stop, Deeks keeps talking about food; liver in particular. The medical examiner is more interested in knowing about Nate, than the corpse. She finally tells them about the stab wound; there was already existing scar tissue as if he had surgery recently; something small was implanted. Kensi reports to Callen; the killer cut something out of Stone that was hidden inside him.

Sam asks Stone’s supervisor to tell them what Stone was really working on. Turns out it was a highly advanced intelligence gathering device. It poses a serious threat to national security if it falls into the wrong hands. Callen comments: “Guess that’s the 1% that isn’t mundane.”

In Ops Nell and Eric explain the technology called ISWEEP. It looks like a spider and is the size of an aspirin. Vibrating legs make it mobile. Deeks says that in ten years robots will be doing our jobs. Hetty says that the military has been developing this type of intelligence for years; in the wrong hands it would be a game changer. They wouldn’t be able to manufacture the ISWEEP but they would be able to develop technology to make render it useless.

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Nell finds out that Stone was on his way to the airport when he got in the accident. He had a stopover in Turkey; Hetty remarks that is next door to Iran. The man who filmed the murder is named Lance and Hetty says to find him or his smartphone.

Callen and Sam check out Stone’s apartment, specifically his computer. Callen finds that he was desperate for money due to bad trading. Sam finds vicodin and Keflex prescriptions, meaning surgery; Dr. Keller from Westside Beautification Center.

On the way to Lance’s apartment Kensi ribs Deeks about liking Donny and Marie. He confesses to humming a song while he and Sam were waiting for coffee. Deeks says he was bored and feeling a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. They locate the apartment and Kensi announces “NCIS, Open Up!”

They clear the apartment, no one home. There are pictures of surfers all over the walls. Kensi says “Lance is a surfer.” Deeks replies “No robot is ever gonna replace you.”

Sonny Amador, Deeks says, is a surfing legend and Lance is a conspiracy theorist. Lance took his board. He asks Kensi how her beach body is.

Sam and Callen seek the Dr. on the golf course where he is supposed to have a foursome on his day off. They discuss golf which Sam says shouldn’t even be a sport; Callen says it is a metaphor for life. Dr. Keller didn’t show; one of the regulars though they saw him pull up earlier. They case the parking lot looking for his Charcoal Grey Prius. The parking lot is full of them Callen has a tag number. They find him dead in the car. Callen tells Sam “Looks like a hole in one.”

Eric identifies a possible link which he calls an “amazing coincidence, not!” Semih Damir was flagged by homeland security coming into the US. He’s got diplomatic immunity, but also has ties to Iran. He hasn’t checked into a hotel, used any credit cards, or shown up on any cameras.

They discuss Sonny Amador and Lance Eddings. Hetty tells Deeks to break out his sex wax. Kensi says “Eww.” To which Hetty replies “Relax Miss Blighe, it’s surfboard wax. You’d better brush up on the lingo if you’re gonna back him up.

Surfers ride the waves as the song Secret Agent Man plays. Deeks drops in and makes another surfer wipe out. He hits the beach and the man chases him down, beating him up for “dropping in.” Deeks flatters Sonny Amador, telling him he wants to interview him for a surfer blog. He says he’s buying at the nearest bar.

In the bar Deeks and Amador are hitting it off when Kensi comes in and orders a drink. Deeks offers to buy her one and she asks what the most expensive drink on the menu is. It turns out to be a $50 shot. Deeks orders a “Daily double.” Hetty congratulates him on a job well done, but admonishes him about blowing his budget.

Nell gets a hit on Damir’s credit card at Ali Baba, a Turkish restaurant in Hollywood. Sam and Callen question the owner and after the threat of calling in the food truck in his parking lot, the man confesses to knowing Damir. He lent him his car.

Back in the surfer bar a drunk has recognized Deeks. Deeks tells Kensi that he arrested the guy a couple of years back. Lance Eddings comes into the bar, and Deeks tells Kensi to catch him before swatting her on the backside. She pushes Deeks and then the drunk starts to say how he knows him. Deeks punches the guy before he can finish his sentence. Kensi misses Lance as he gets into a van that speeds away.

The van is registered to “Freedom Weinberg.”  Eric says she must have changed her first name. Nell says she “thought the way to piss off your parents was to moo every time they said your name “Not that I have any experience with that.” Eric gives Kensi and Deeks a location in Topenga Canyon.

Amador races out of the bar as Deeks and Kensi are leaving: “What about my interview?”

“I’m gonna have to catch you later bro cuz right now I’m gonna go ride a little wild surf.”

Kensi grills Deeks about his comment as they pull up in Topenga Canyon. She asks if it was all really necessary. She asks if he enjoyed it a little, his hand one her, “uh.” Deeks says he enjoyed it a little. A man playing the guitar and singing says he recognizes Deeks. Kensi wants to know how many people he’s arrested. Then the guy comments that Deeks looks like “Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.”

They hear people smoking inside a shack near the van. Inside they locate Lance Eddings and cuff him. They question him in the boathouse. They tell him that the man they filmed killed an innocent man and that Lance is not in trouble. They need his help. Lance says he followed the man home and knows where he lives.

They stake out the house until he identifies a guy with a bandana. When the agents approach everyone from the house runs. They catch the man with the bandana and take him in. Nell finds an alibi for Juan Martinez. He was at a quinceniera at the time of the murder.

They go back in and question Lance some more; they threaten him with charges of obstruction of justice. He says he wants to talk to Sonny. Eric says that Sonny was found murdered in Malibu Canyon and Callen asks Eric to send the picture to his phone. Kensi warns that showing Lance the photo might shut him down completely.

Callen talks to Lance, he says “The man in the ambulance that you’re protecting did this to Sonny” and shows Lance the picture. Lance freaks out. Then Callen asks him how many foster placements he had, Lance had nine, but Callen admits to thirty-seven. He reaches Lance by sharing a common bond; he says they aren’t in foster homes anymore. They have to remind themselves they’re not helpless kids anymore either.

Lance says that he had called Sonny and they had planned to get money out of the killer. Sonny had Lance follow the guy and put a note on his windshield. Lance led them to the wrong place so Sonny could complete the deal with the killer.

Eric gets the video from Amador’s phone and identifies the killer as Clint Sears, age forty-five. He is tracked to Agave Studios in Calabasas, but Damir is already on his way. Damir has diplomatic immunity, so the cops can’t stop him. Eric takes control of the cameras and traffic signals; effectively stopping Damir.

The NCIS Los Angeles team arrives at Agave Studios, Deeks and Kensi go around the back as Callen and Hanna enter from the front. They wander slowly through the studio until they see Sears, then identify themselves as Federal agents. Sears is shot during the fire fight. Deeks retrieves the small vial containing the micro-botic technology.

Callen and Sam watch as Deeks gives Kensi her first surfing lesson. Sam says he is going to get some Shrimp Curry. Hetty calls to let Callen know that the CIA is watching Damir, and the technology has been safely returned. She asks how the surfing lesson is going and Callen says “Swimmingly.” When Sam returns he asks where the Shrimp Curry is.

“The guy said he sold the last one to the lousy surfer with the bad haircut that looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.”

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