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NCIS: Los Angeles: 4×08 Collateral: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/28/2012


NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles: 4×08 Collateral: Recap and Review

NCIS: Los Angeles 4×08 Summary “A retired CIA agent, who was also a millionaire, is murdered. The investigation reveals Hetty may know more about the case than she is willing to acknowledge.”

NCIS Los Angeles opens on a beach house with a magnificent view. Two young women tiptoe in from the beach carrying their sandals, giggling and shushing one another. An older man lays on the couch and rises after they pass by. He opens his tablet and sees the girls frolicking in the bedroom. “Magoo you’ve done it again.” He says as he takes a call from a friend he calls Dex. They chat about his life and Dex warns that those cigars will kill him. “That’s part of the fun! Later Dex.” He says and disconnects. The gray-haired gentleman goes out on his balcony and looks as his lighter before lighting the cigar. As soon as he lights it there is a huge explosion and he is completely disintegrated.

On the Shooting range, Deeks and Kensi compare scores. Deeks thinks he did well until he sees Kensi’s target. Kensi says he owes her a nice meal, no t-shirt, no jeans. Deeks claims he’s a better shot when he’s on the move and being shot at. Coming into the NCIS: Los Angeles office, Sam starts asking about his Isaac Hayes album. Deeks borrowed it and never gave it back. Kensi explains to Callen that Deeks watched a movie and then had to hear Isaac Hayes. Callen says it’s not a good idea to borrow anything from Sam. Deeks claims that his dog, Monte, ate the record and gives Sam something better. An MP3 player with every song Isaac Hayes ever recorded. Sam isn’t happy and educates Deeks on Vinyl records.

Eric interrupts the team and says Hetty wants them in Ops. They are briefed on the victim: Victor Potter, and ex CIA agent who made millions off of his “war stories” that have been made into movies, books and games. Deeks thinks it’s an exploding cigar but on playback finds out it’s an exploding lighter. He says the cigar would have been cooler; like Yosemite Sam.

Sam tells Deeks not to mess with Yosemite Sam.

Callen asks Nell where Hetty is and why she wasn’t present in Ops and Nell says it’s because she was on the phone. Callen isn’t happy with that answer.

Hetty is talking to Owen on the phone and tells him the investigation has just begun. She says that she’ll find out “as soon as he calls me back.” And then hangs up. Callen tells Hetty that he has just received the briefing and she blows him off as she passes him by. Sam says she does that all the time.

In the car Sam and Callen discuss their favorite cartoon characters. Callen’s is Hong Kong Fooey; Sam says Underdog had a better theme song and he could fly.

At the beach house, Deeks says he guesses that what they say is true, you can’t take it with you. They look at videos on the tablet and Deeks recognizes one of the girls. He says her name is Nicole and she works as a high priced call girl for 7 Star Oasis.

Nell and Eric have the victim’s computer and are trying to get past the fire wall. Eric says that he’ll only take minutes; the password is Napoleon Solo. Sam immediately chimes in “Man From Uncle” and Callen calls him a Geek. During their argument Nell tells Sam he owes a dollar to the swear jar. Callen asks why he didn’t know there was a swear jar, and Nell says that Hetty just takes it out of his checks.

They are unable to get any facial recognition on the girls and reason that they have never been caught or perhaps they are here illegally. Nell talks about a DVD Eric gave her, 46 years of football; now she’s addicted. Sam is impressed.

Kensi and Deeks go to 7 Stars Oasis to get information. Deeks tells Kensi that he worked vice here; acted like a player. Kensi lets her hair down and unbuttons her shirt enough to show cleavage. She gets Deeks flustered before going in. He warns her that they might get frisky with her in the back room. Kensi says she can handle any man.

Inside, the receptionist asks if she has an appointment; since she doesn’t Kensi is told to wait with the other girls in the lobby. Kensi spots a camera and starts flirting with it. Soon the phone rings and she’s told to go right in. The woman who meets her says that she’s a winner, a Thoroughbred. Kensi says she doesn’t like being compared to a horse. The Madame says that her name is Wendy and she just meant that “Paula” is the total package, doesn’t need short skirts and high heels. Then she asks her real name. Now Kensi says it’s Cathy and she switches to a southern accent. The woman explains that they keep lonely rich men company and nothing happens that you don’t want to happen.

Wendy tells her that she can help her become anything, an actress, a singer; she gets close to Kensi and starts to stroke her cheek. Nell lets Kensi know that they have everything they need and Kensi takes Wendy’s hand off of her. Not today.

Outside Kensi tells Deeks that she needs a shower, she said she could handle any man getting frisky; she hadn’t expected this. Kensi promises Deeks that she’ll tell Sam what really happened to the record album. Deeks sat on it and it broke; Monte had nothing to do with it.

In Ops, Nell and Eric discuss her new love of football; he says that’s one more thing they have in common. Then he finds out she likes the Jets and he likes the Giants. Their argument is interrupted when Nell gets a message for Hetty.

Hetty is looking at an old photograph of Victor Potter and Owen Grainger; she turns and locks it away with her weapon collection. Callen asks Hetty what’s in the box. She replies “The past, securely locked away.” Nell enters and tells Hetty that she is to call Assistant Director Grainger. When Hetty leaves, Callen asks Nell to keep an eye on Hetty. She doesn’t want to spy on her, but Callen says it’s to keep her safe.

Callen and Sam approach a house and announce “Federal Agents.” There’s no answer, Callen looks through the window and says “We got a body.” They break in. The agents clear the house and then Callen returns to where the two call girls lie. He realizes one is breathing and Sam tells Eric to call rescue.

The survivor passes Callen on a gurney and the EMT tells him that in two more minutes she would have been dead. “She owes you her life.” He says that he gave her something and she’ll be able to answer their questions.

Callen talks to Nicole; he tells her this was no accident, he asks what she remembers. Nicole says the man was coming to pay them. There was a side deal that didn’t go through the escort service. It was a job for some ex government big shot, but he had to think he picked them up. It couldn’t look like they were pros. The guy didn’t even care if they slept with Potter, just play a prank. They were supposed to give him a trick lighter.

Callen presses her for a name; he doesn’t believe she would trust someone she didn’t know to come to her house. She admits his name is Ruiz. He pulled a gun and shot them up with smack.

Back in NCIS: Los Angeles Ops, Ruiz does wet work for the highest bidder. They have to find out who hired him for the job. Nell tells Callen that Hetty took the chip out of her phone; she has no idea where Hetty is. Eric locates Ruiz on a security camera, but Grainger comes in and tells the team that the mission is over. “The book is closed.” When the team complains Grainger says “Control your people Mr. Callen” and walks out of Ops. Callen looks at the team and says “Let’s Roll.”

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Ruiz is sitting at an outdoor café table; Sam and Callen approach him from one direction. Deeks and Kensi are approaching from another direction. A woman is sitting in a black SUV spots the team and calls Ruiz on the cell phone. “You’ve got company. I’ll take care of it, stay right where you are.” Ruiz complies. As soon as the team is close to Ruiz, the SUV pulls up and the woman fires several rounds into Ruiz; killing him before he can be caught and questioned. Eric says there’s no tag on the vehicle. Deeks never had a shot as the shooter drove away.

Callen asks Eric where Grainger is; he left right after Callen and his team. Eric says that none of the cameras got a view of the driver or the shooter.

In the NCIS: Los Angeles office, Callen is upset. They have no way to find Hetty. She insisted they take the case and then she disappeared. Grainger insisted they get off the case and he disappeared. Callen turns to Nell and says he needs another favor. He knows Nell has the password. She’s afraid she’ll go to Guantanamo Bay; there’s no Sunday NFL ticket there. She opens the box for Callen and he sees the picture.

Hetty, Grainger, Potter and one other man are in the photo. Sam says they are in the Middle East, but he can’t tell where. The picture is at least a decade old. Callen points at the unknown man; “This is where Hetty’s going, to find this man.”

Nell and Eric run his photo; Barry Brooks is an ex-CIA agent and veteran. The team was put together in the 80’s for a mission in Afghanistan and sent on other covert missions since. Brooks accused Potter of capitalizing on their exploits and was planning to sue him for half of the profits.

The NCIS Los Angeles team moves in on the home of Barry Brooks. They announce that they’re Federal Agents and enter the house, clearing each area. They find a body; it’s Barry Brooks and he’s been tortured. He crawled to the kitchen to write a message on the floor “Nogales Bo” in his own blood. Sam catches that there is a trip wire under the body; it connects to a bomb in the bottom drawer. They think this trap was meant for Hetty.

In Ops, Nell worries about Hetty; someone is out there trying to kill her. Eric reminds Nell that Hetty is hard to kill. He says, “If Genghis Khan and Mata Hari  had a daughter, it would be Hetty.”

“General Patton and Joan of Arc.” Nell counters. Eric makes Nell repeat after him “Her Kung Fu is strong and her magic is powerful.”

Callen argues that Hetty would have been trying to lead the killer away from NCIS: Los Angeles headquarters. Sam comments that she may have left a breadcrumb trail for the team to follow and they all start to look for clues. Callen finds a walnut on Hetty’s desk. She’s allergic to nuts, so why would she have a walnut? Nogales means walnut. Nell looks on Hetty’s computer and sees that her last search was Casa De Nogales. Once a presidential retreat, Casa De Nogales is now a safe house for CIA and NCIS agents,

The NCIS: Los Angeles team closes in on the estate; Sam takes out one guard while Callen disarms another. Deeks comments “This is the best Langley could do as all four converge inside the house and are met with Grainger and a lot of Gunmen. “Where’s Hetty?”

Hetty comes in and says “If we wanted you here we would’ve called.”

Sam recognizes one of the bodyguards and introduces him to the team. They tell Hetty that Brooks was tortured and the safe house is compromised. They’ve come to move her. Just then some shots are fired from outside.

Sam and Callen count the gunmen and decide there are five shooters. Callen tells Hetty to stay and take stabilize the man who was shot. He and Sam will take the back; he sends Kensi and Deeks to the front.

The shoot-out doesn’t last very long; but the fifth shooter runs and gets into a black Navigator. Deeks shoots at it repeatedly; then Kensi lets Callen know the vehicle is coming their way. Sam and Callen keep firing at the vehicle until it wrecks and flips over. Callen gets to the girl and asks her name: “Fatima Khan.” she gets out before she is shot. Callen turns and sees Hetty holding the gun. “I thought I told you to stay back.” Hetty tells Callen that they share a similar view of authority.

Callen learns that Fatima Khan was twelve years old when her father died. He was a taxi driver, but ended up being a private driver for one of the founders of Al Queda. The cab exploded with her father in it. Potter’s team was responsible for the explosion.  The photo shows a girl running towards the flames; that is Fatima.

Fatima went to college and got her degree; then developed eave’s dropping technology and made millions; she joined the CIA and had the clearance to find the agents responsible for her father’s death, and the money to get her revenge.

Deeks comes up with an Isaac Hayes album for Sam; he says he found it in the safe house. There was a huge album collection. Deeks owes Kensi a meal, she invites Sam but he says no. He has the James Bond collection on Blu Ray; Nell and Eric are coming over to watch. Kensi and Deeks seem more interested in that than dinner.

In her office Hetty pours 50 year old scotch for herself and for Grainger. “Two lives saved hundreds of others.” Hetty says.

“Potter planted the bomb but it was your finger on the detonator.” Grainger says. There is a flashback of Grainger holding Fatima back from the scene. Grainger asks Hetty how she got into this.

“I didn’t choose this life; it chose me. Keep your head down, gun up and conscience clear. The night is young; let’s get faded.”


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