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NCIS Los Angeles on CBS: Ep4X01 “Recruit”: Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/03/2012

NCIS Los Angeles: Ep4X02 “Recruit”: Recap



NCIS L.A. 4X02 “Recruit” starts  in Afghanistan: War Room: Controlling a US Military Drone: “Positive ID on Target”

“Weapons hot in 3,2,1, rifle…”

Target seen exiting the building: “Tango 1 Tango1, Building is destroyed we have one survivor.

Back in L.A. : Hetty and Callen visit the cemetery and talk about Callen’s sister, the people Hetty has put in the ground and she does not want a funeral and flowers, none of that. “Grainger’s gonna have you stuffed in a lifelike pose for his office.” Callen jokes.

At the NCIS L.A. office Deeks tries to show Kensi his vacation photos while she’s working out at the gym. He wants them to vacation together next time. Kensi says she sees him too much already.

Nell interrupts and reports that Hetty wants them up in Ops, “got a hot one.” She doesn’t want to see Deeks’ photos either.

Sam is back and Eric is trying to sell him on his new chair “it has 25 points of adjustment.” But Sam wants his old chair back. Unfortunately it has been donated to a school for girls and it’s “on a boat heading for Nigeria.”

Callen enters just as Sams new chair falls at his feet and shatters. “Someone took Sam’s chair again?”

Up in Ops the NCIS L.A. team are told that one of the men killed in Afghanistan was David Adams, he’s an ex-marine. No one can figure out what he was doing there. His family refuses to believe he’s dead. Callen tells everyone to pick a number and Deeks chooses the atomic number of Helium, which is his favorite number. He comes closest because the number was four: Deeks and Kensi have to go talk to the grieving family.

Sam and Callen talk to the officer who is investigating the circumstances in Afghanistan. Their target has been able to stay a step ahead at every turn. The evidence from the rubble contained some notes translated from English, it’s out dated, but it’s classified information about the operation.

Speaking to his fellow officers “Adams was a model Marine.” So why would he compromise his Country. He was a traitor.

Talking to his family Kensi and Deeks learn that Adams was glad to be home and ready to start a new chapter in his life. He had a girlfriend, a job, and was getting ready to go to college. No way was he in Afghanistan. They tell the family that the DNA was a positive match. Everyone insists he wouldn’t have gone back, especially not on his own.

Up in Ops, Eric confesses his favorite element is Tungsten, #74 on the periodic table. He asks Nell hers. She claims she doesn’t have one and the finally says it’s “ononoctium #118” to which Eric swears there is no 118. Nell tells him when and where the element was created and documented.

When Hetty comes in they have tracked David Adams’ movements from eight days ago. He took numerous flights before finally landing in Dubai. He also received a deposit if $2500.00 to his bank account before he left. Eric asks Hetty is she has a favorite element. “Scotch” is her reply.

The NCIS L.A. team go to talk to Adams’ employer and are told he gave two weeks’ notice, he was going to Oregon for a high paying job; he needed the money for school.

His girlfriend claims he called her after he got to his job in Alaska, but he was going into the interior and would skype her as soon as they got back within range. He was waiting for the right time to tell his parents that he was leaving, they needed the money; she is pregnant.

Former Marine who was in Afghanistan with Adams claims that David said he was trying to get into Law School. He was sympathetic to the plight of the Afghani people and would volunteer for charity, but he wouldn’t do this… Unless he was an operative for the CIA.

Hetty says that Langley told her Adams was not CIA.

Nell has finally been able to access David Adams’ e-mail account and learned that he got a job at ATAMA security. Eric says that they won’t turn over any information on Adams. Hetty tells them to turn up the heat on ATAMA.

Callen and Sam go to the Los Angeles office of ATAMA security and there’s no one in the office. Despite numerous shouts there is no answer. Finally they se someone and he fires on them.

Callen and Sam take cover and argue over who gets to be the target. It’s Callen’s turn, so he goes out to draw the shooter’s fire whil Sam flanks the man and takes him down.

Questioning Danny, the man from ATAMA security starts out badly, he keeps claiming he doesn’t know anything, just answered the phones and took applications. He doesn’t know what happened to them after.

Callen and Sam play Bad cop, Worse cop, threatening him with the expertise of the technicians who are “Gonna rip through your history, and if they find any connection between you and this guy…”

Meanwhile Nell and Eric are in the field at the empty ATAMA office. “Wolfrum and Ononoctium.” Dressed in black and wearing dark sunglasses they go through the offices looking for data on the people ATAMA hired.

It appears that ATAMA took a bunch of applications getting all this data on people and didn’t hire anybody, as if it was an identity theft ring. Nell says that they did make a few hires.

Back in Ops a pattern is revealed: 5 guys all ex-military, all reported missing. They all followed the same flight plans as Adams, and arrived in Dubai, then nothing.

Callen has it figured out now; they were hired because they were ex-military and they were turned over to Afghani Terrorists to be tortured for their information. ATAMA is not stealing identities, they’re stealing people.

Nell says there is one problem with that theory, ATAMA hied at least six others that haven’t been reported missing. Upon further investigation it is learned that two are on their way to Dubai. Callen goes to Hetty for permission to take his team to Afghanistan; he’s already had Eric make the flight arrangements. He would have gone with or without her approval. He’ll get in and out without anyone knowing.

Callen and Sam are at the airport in Dubai with button cams so Eric can see everything from Ops, with a delay of course. Sam bumps into “John Harris” and warns him of the danger he is in, meanwhile Callen assumes Harris’ identity and approaches the man holding a sign that’s wating for him. “He’s not buying it.” Deeks runs into the guy and knocks him down as Kensi passes, dressed as an Afghani woman.

Sam and Callen have taken the man prisoner and drive into the desert with him; showing him photos of the missing men they try to get him to talk. Finally they force him to drive them to the compound where the survivors are being kept.

Fearing for his life and expecting his captors to be overtaken, the man tells his leader that Callen is John Harris. Meanwhile Sam sneaks into the building where the terrorists torture prisoners to retrieve the men from ATAMA.

Callen tells the leader outside that he’s John Harris, from ATAMA security, supposed to meet someone here; he asks if he’s in the wrong place. Kensi comes in waling and the men are distracted by her long enough to get away from Callen. Deeks breaks through the wall driving a stolen Taxicab and opens fire, while Kensi tosses off her garb and starts firing an automatic weapon.

Nell and Eric report to Hetty: Two men were rescued and the team should be safe and sound on the return flight. Hetty tells them both to go home.

On the flight, Deeks is trying once again to show Kensi his vacation photos. It’s a sixteen hour flight and she’s not having it! Sam walks by and notices a photo “Is that a camel?” then “You look like Lawrence of Arabia.” Kensi quickly gives up her seat t Sam and goes to sit with Callen. They can hear their two friends laughing and talking.

“Love it when our boys get along.” Callen says.

Kensi replies: Love it when someone else has to look at Deeks’ vacation photos.”

At NCIS L.A. Hetty enters Ops alone with a cup of tea and brings up two of the many cameras available on the screen. She watches her team, on the plane, Deeks asleep on Sam’s shoulder in one view; Callen and Kensi peacefully asleep in the other.

NCIS L.A. Season Premier: Episode 4X01 Recap 


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