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NCIS on CBS: Episode 10X02: “Recovery”: Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/03/2012


NCIS on CBS: Episode 10X02: “Recovery”: Recap



NCIS opened with Abby exiting the elevator outside of Autopsy. She calls for Ducky and Jimmy over and over, but the place seems to be empty. Suddenly everything goes dark and then Abby is being pulled from one of the drawers in the morgue. She’s awake on the gurney as two figures approach with scalpels. Suddenly Abby wakes up in her own bed and says “Not again.” She picks up her phone and makes a call. “Gibbs?”

His voice on the other end of the phone is the same as if he’d been awake anyway. “Abbs? You know it’s 3: in the morning?”

“It happened again.”

 NCIS on CBS :: Season Premier :: Episode 10X01

In the office the next day Tony Dinozzo is flirting with the Facility’s Manager “Judy, Judy, Judy…” while she tries to get the office back to the way it was before the bombing four months ago. Tony compliments her perfume.

Ziva, McGee, and Dinozzo are all talking about how it’s exactly the way it was before; wondering if they don’t warrant something new since everything else was destroyed. Tim finally brings up a different color of paint might be nice. “Easy McDutchboy” Tony quips. When Judy leaves Dinozzo is his old self “Seriously Mcgee? Paint?”

It’s obvious to his team mates that he has a thing for the lovely “Judy” and Ziva says they should get a room, but in Ziva-speak.

Suddenly an English accent breaks into the conversation. Dr. Miles Wolf has heard so much about them that he knows who is who without even asking. He even has nicknames for all of them. He is the crisis counselor who will be evaluating the team. It’s mandatory, after the traumatic event of the explosion in May.

As Dr. Wolf heads off to see Director Vance and Ziva gives Wolf a nickname: “Mr. Happy.”

Because of the good doctor and the upcoming evaluation, Tony asks “We’re perfectly fine… Aren’t we?”

In Vance’s office they are discussing the possibility of finding the missing Midge Watkins from the Facilities Department. She hasn’t been seen since the day of the evacuation four months ago.

Gibbs instructs Dr. Wolf to evaluate Miss Sciuto first and then leaves to check on a car that was pulled from a pond.

Jimmy handles the scene, just as Ducky would if he were there telling Ziva that bodies do not decay as quickly in cool water. As the team checks out the evidence they comment that if this is the missing Midge, she’s off the highway three exits north of where her home is. Ziva comments that she’s dark and Midge was very pale, “Are we sure it’s her?”

Ducky shows up and says that “Mr. Palmer should be able to answer the question of Ms. Watkins’s complexion.” And Jimmy does have the answer. “It’s pond silt.”

Tony finds photo ID and now they’re sure this was there friend and co-worker. Tony and Tim speculate that she may have been coming through the area at high speed. The mud could have caused her to slide into the pond. Jimmy has found lesions that may indicate an allergic reaction to something.

Gibbs shoots them down, “Missing Person’s report says she made it home after the bombing.”

“Gibbs?” Jimmy calls out. “I found a wound in her abdomen; she’s been shot.

Back at NCIS headquarters the team discusses the case. The pond was dredged for hours and no gun. The paint samples that Judy brought in while they were gone are a welcome distraction. Tony claims the note she left is just for him. ‘See anything you like?’ Ziva contends that it’s for all of them, but Tony says it smells good, and it’s on his desk.

The all-seeing eye, Gibbs walks in and says “You know what I’d like? An update!”

There’s nothing for any of them to say; everyone liked Midge and she liked everyone. Except maybe Tony (implied but not stated.)

In the meantime Abby is having her date with “the shrink” and she can’t even talk about the bombing, can’t even use the word. He asks about the recurring nightmares she used to have and asks if they’ve returned. It isn’t uncommon for a neurosis to return after a trauma. He tries to convince her to talk, but Abby maintains that she can’t and she won’t talk about it.

Gibbs enters Autopsy and says “Talk to me.” Jimmy is joined by Ducky in the conversation. Midge has bruising and she was still alive when the car went in the water. The bullet wound didn’t kill her. Gibbs is terse with Ducky because he’s supposed to be home resting, not working. He tells his old friend to go home, read a book…write one; as Ducky relents and says he’s not happy about going: “I don’t need you happy, I need you healthy.”

The interview with Midge’s co-workers gave Tony and Ziva one possible lead. Midge and John had stayed to secure the arms after the evacuation started; when the bomb went off there was an explosion here too that sent shrapnel flying everywhere. John was hit and didn’t even know until later; he and Midge had gotten in their cars and left. When he noticed he was hurt he went to the hospital and got stitches.

Midge’s daughter had gone back to active duty after searching for her mother for months didn’t turn up anything. She was questioned too, and it was determined that Midge’s attitude at work, always supportive of women, may have caused jealousy in men she worked with.

Back at the NCIS office, Dr. Wolf is trying to get through his list; McGee is almost too sane. He tells Gibbs that Abby has been largely uncooperative.

Gibbs tells Abby that she has got to talk to someone: “It’s either him, or me.” When she chooses Gibbs he tells her he’ll listen, but nothing ‘too deep.’ As Abby tells him what her dreams make her feel he warns her again about not getting too deep. Finally Abby admits that in her dream she feels totally alone. If anything happened to her she has no family.

Gibbs asks Abby if she’s talked to her brother; her biological brother, Kyle. Abby says she didn’t know what to say, he may not even know he’s adopted. Abby goes back to work on checking out Midge’s car and finds the bullet that killed her.

Dr. Wolf is done with Tony and now it’s Ziva or Gibbs; Ziva suddenly has a break in the case so she doesn’t have to go. Finally a lead, Tony and Ziva went to find Craig Wilson. He runs as soon as Ziva says “NCIS” so she goes and tackles the guy. He drops the box he’s carrying, it’s full of guns.

In the interrogation room Craig Wilson says that Tony and Ziva remind him of Midge and her boyfriend. It turns out that he believes Midge and John were together and that’s why he didn’t get hired. They both are harping on how much cologne he wears.

Abby says that none of Wilson’s guns were used in the murder. The bullet was from a really old gun, the bullet was covered in mold that was over 60 years old.

Back to the armory, John admits that he and Midge had been together at one time, but that was a while ago. He and Phyllis recognize the guns that Abby pulled up as possibilities, but neither has one. Phyllis says that she knows a gun shop that sells collectibles, like one of the guns in the pictures.

Tracing down guns of that vintage Tim finds a dealer who sold one six months ago, but he won’t give out the name because the new owner has called asking him not to. Tim did, however get his address. It’s near the pond and close to Midge’s house. The team heads over there and it turns out to be John.

Tony notices the lingering smell of perfume in John’s house when they go to look at his gun collection. He swears he would never shoot Midge, he loved her. The gun isn’t in the case, but John swears it was there two hours ago. Gibbs gets a call from Jimmy and finds that Midge was suffering from her allergy, that’s where the lesions in her throat came from. There was a chemical in her bloodstream that is used in shampoos soaps and colognes.

Tony asks what the smell in the house is from, it’s not cologne it’s expensive perfume. John admits that his girlfriend just left. Tony goes to the pond and hears a splash before he gets to her. Judy turns around. He knows that she threw the gun in because the pond has already been dredged. She tries to explain but Tony doesn’t want to hear why she would kill Midge.

Abby goes to the pet shop, but her brother isn’t there. She guesses that she missed her chance and it wasn’t meant to be. As she’s walking away she hears him shouting and he chases her down. He felt there was a connection from the first time he saw her a year ago, Kyle says, but he doesn’t know why.

“I know why.” Abby tells him, with a smile.

When Gibbs returns to his house Abby and Kyle are waiting and Kyle gives ‘Jethro’ a big hug. Abby tells her brother to call him Gibbs and no hugs. Gibs grabs them all beers as Kyle explains “She would never have come back without you.” But Gibbs says, “No that was all her doing.” They turn to Abby and she is sound asleep on the couch. Gibbs touches his beer bottle to Kyles in a toast: “To Family.”

I apologize for the length of this recap, I still left out the fact that Ducky doesn’t feel useful and Vance can’t letNCIS go of the fact that it was his car that carried the bomb in May. NCIS has been on for ten years and we have watched each character develop and grow. This week Mark Harmon got his STAR on the Walk of Fame and the whole cast turned out for the celebration. This is a family, and they are family to the fans who have been with the show for years.


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NCIS Star Pauley Perette was on Twitter before the show announcing that Abby’s brother Kyle played by Daniel L. Rivas, would return on tonight’s show. During the show she informed us that Dr. Wolf, the “Dashing shrink” was being played by Steve Valentine. It’s a real nice touch when CBS stars join in the conversation on Twitter.


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