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NCIS on CBS :: Season Premier :: Episode 10X01

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/26/2012



NCIS  10X1 “Extreme Prejudice” opens with the date May 15, 2012 and we are transported back to the season nine finale. “Dr.Mallard, you’ve had a heart attack.” A disembodied voice intones and we see our beloved Ducky lying on a gurney with an oxygen mask covering his face. In spite of what’s going on with his own body Dr. Mallard is more concerned with the rest of the NCIS team. He wants to know how they are.

The Navy yard filled with fire rescue, injured victims and the shell of Vance’s burned out car; Gibbs and Vance are okay, and we see Abby being attended to by an EMT. She waves at Gibbs. The Secretary of the Navy, affectionately referred to as Sec Nav lets Gibbs know that he wants Harper Dearing. Gibbs wants to find his team.

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David are at this moment stuck in an elevator. Ziva is on Tony’s shoulders trying to find a way out for them and Tony is his usual snarky self, calling her his “thigh master.” When she gets off of his shoulders and answers a call from her father Tony is more the desperate boy, shouting at her father to get them out of the elevator.

In the wreckage of the NCIS office Gibbs and McGee are taking stock of themselves after the explosion when Gibbs tells Tim to wait. He peels back Tim’s coat to reveal a large piece of glass sticking out of his side.

During the episode several NCIS cast members were in the CBS CONNECT Lounge Tweeting back and forth with the fans. Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP), Michael Weatherly (@M_Weatherly), Brian Dietzen (@BrianDietzen) and Sean Murray (@SeanHMurray) made the event all the more special.

Jimmy goes to see Ducky in the hospital and the medical examiner is pale but determined to get home. He tells Jimmy who to talk to and what arrangements to make, but in the end he convinces Jimmy that if they can’t both go then Jimmy must. They still haven’t been able to reach anyone on the phone.

The show progresses with Gibbs reporting the status of his agents to Director Vance. Sec Nav has the President’s approval to proceed with “Extreme Prejudice against Harper Dearing. Agent Fornell returns to lend a hand in getting Harper Dearing for setting off the bomb that destroyed the Navy yard and the offices.

Tony and Ziva are still stuck in the elevator, talking about who else they could be stuck in the elevator. The fire rescue accompanied by Abby save the day; she’s been thinking about who she’d like to be stuck in an elevator with. Circe De Soliel in case she got bored…

Who feels more guilty, Vance for driving his car/bomb and parking it right in front of the building, or Gibbs because he didn’t stop Dearing before the explosion. Gibbs tells Fornell “Tobias, he hurt my family.”

In the meantime Harper Dearing meets a woman in a chance encounter. In a hotel room she offers him a drink. When he goes into the bathroom she takes out a gun and goes to the door letting in an FBI team and they open fire on the bathroom. As the door swings open there’s a leather bag on the floor and a cell phone is ringing. It’s another bomb.

Dearing calls in claiming to be a whistle blower. He’s acting as if everything he has done was to prove how vulnerable we are, resident hacker Tim McGee is on the job, tracing the call. Dearing says that coming after him is a mistake; there’s no better player than a man who has nothing to lose.

Tim has the coordinates and the satellite zooms in on a running car. A chopper already in the air is dispatched to the area. As they close in, they see someone sitting in the passenger seat of the car, and then the car explodes.

A fractured Abby is tasked with doing the DNA test on the small piece of flesh that Jimmy was able to salvage from the burned body of Harper Dearing. When the results come in it’s only a 50% match. While Abby claims that’s pretty good considering the condition of Dearing’s remains, but you can tell that Gibbs is not so sure.

Tying up loose ends in the case, Gibbs speaks with Harper Dearing’s sister-in-law. He wonders why no one has claimed the body yet. She hasn’t seen him since her husband’s funeral. She says the family has its own cemetery which leads Gibbs to ask if Dearing had access to his brother’s remains. Jo Ann doesn’t understand why that would matter.

Ducky returns and confirms Gibbs’ gut feeling that Dearing doesn’t seem to be the type to take himself out. Down in autopsy, even though Gibbs keeps telling Ducky that he’s “not here” Ducky makes a discovery. The corpse has a broken rib, as if he’s had CPR; a heart attack victim. Dearing hasn’t had a heart attack, but his brother died of one.

After questioning a tearful JoAnn Dearing for a second time, the team moves in on the location Dearing has been using to build his bombs and plan his attacks. Dearing hasn’t been gone long but no one saw him leave. Further investigation reveals an old tunnel under the property, once used by moonshine runners.

Gibbs is measuring his relatively empty basement. Apparently it’s time for him to build another boat. When Director Vance comes in Gibbs says he needs a bigger basement. He requests permission to go after Dearing alone. In spite of vehement objection from Ziva and the rest of the team, Gibbs does just that.

His reunion with the elusive Harper Dearing is moving as the man is listening to tapes recorded by his own dead son while on a Navy ship. His son’s death aboard one of those ships is what sparked Dearing’s terrorist actions. He seems happy to see Gibbs but when he goes to the window to look outside we see a gun on the window sill. As Dearing turns to shoot him, Gibbs is ready. He takes Dearing out swiftly with a pocket knife.

The Navy Yard is getting back to normal as a satisfied Gibbs looks on. He sees Director Vance and members of his team crossing the yard. At least one threat to his family is gone.

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